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Album Reviews


Mystic Bowie’s ‘Talking Dreads’ is a Talking Heads Tribute – Reggae Style

But this is no ordinary cover project. “Talking Dreads is much more than a cover band,” Bowie says.
VictorWainwright-IMG_1210_Austin Britt

Clear the Tracks – It’s ‘Victor Wainwright & The Train’

Did we say this could be in contention for album of the year? 'Victor Wainwright and the Train' will undoubtedly be in the running.

Ghalia and Mama’s Boys Turn Blues on It’s Head with ‘Let The Demons Out’

It’s always nice to see artists turn the blues on its head a little bit.

Eric Corne Calls the World to Task on ‘Happy Songs For The Apocalypse’

Taking roots-rock, blues, alt country, and folk, Corne blends the twelve tracks on 'Happy Songs For The Apocalypse' into a sonically engaging offering.

Sterling Ball, John Ferraro, & Jim Cox Are ‘The Mutual Admiration Society’

The idea was for a group of close musical friends to have fun recording an album. Nailed it!

Elise Legrow Reimagines Classics with ‘Playing Chess’

The sheer audacity to envision these tracks as she has and then deliver them with the fearless and unabashed abandon she does speaks volumes.

John Mayall Comes Alive on ‘Three for the Road’

Aside from the new trio format and the live presentation, what adds exponentially to this experience is the mix. It's ambient, raw, sparse, and immediate.
Michelle Malone by Harold Sellers

Michelle Malone Fires ‘Slings & Arrows’ and Strikes Gold

In a sea of "self-professed rootsy rebels," Michelle Malone stands as a beacon. She is the real-deal, and 'Slings & Arrows' is her validation.

Peter Parcek’s ‘Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven’ Is the Real Deal

Parcek always does what’s right for the song and isn’t just trying to blow the listener’s mind.
Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager_byJessica Keaveny

Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager Are Too Smooth For ‘Rough Cut’

If 'Rough Cut' from Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager don't garner every award there is this year, then there is no justice in the world.
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