World Premiere Track: “Right About Now” from Seth Rosenbloom

"Right About Now" is from the upcoming Seth Rosenbloom album, 'Keep on Turning,' due out on January 18th.

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Seth Rosenbloom Keep on Turning album coverBoston-based blues musician Seth Rosenbloom will be releasing his first full length CD Keep on Turning on January 18th via HOLMZ Music.

Produced by world renowned blues guitarist Josh Smith, and recorded in Smith’s Flat V Studios, the album includes such stellar musicians as Travis Carlton on bass (Robben Ford, Scott Henderson), Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech) on keys and Gary Novak (George Benson, Chick Corea) on drums.

Rosenbloom is in good company, but commands center stage with his searing guitar work and powerful vocals. “For me, playing the blues is all about expressing emotions,” Rosenbloom insists. “What’s always drawn me to the genre is the fact that it allows for an extraordinarily wide range of emotion. That, I think, is the key to making great music overall, and great blues in particular.”

Passionate and authentic, Seth brings both original compositions and legendary covers to Keep on Turning. The song we introduce today is the wailing, original composition “Right About Now.”

“I wrote the lyrics for ‘Right About Now’ while I was living in Raleigh, NC and just getting out of a long relationship,” Rosenbloom shared with us. “Proving once again that breakups can provide some of the best inspiration for blues songs. The melodies and harmony took a bit to come together – I had been listening to a lot of 60’s and 70’s soul blues and the lyrics really seemed to fit that vibe.”

Soulful, dark, and gut-wrenching “Right About Now” will leave you, like it did us, wanting more.

Seth Rosenbloom

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