3rd Annual BB King Symposium This Week

The third annual B.B. King Symposium kicks off this Wednesday, September 6th.

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Itta Bena, MS – The third annual B.B. King Symposium kicks off this Wednesday, September 6th with lectures at by Malika Polk-Lee, director of the B.B. King Museum, Grammy winner Bobby Rush, and Preston Lauterbach, author of the acclaimed “The Chitlin Circuit and the Road to Rock n’ Roll.”

On Thursday, September 7th, a number of panels take place form 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. concluding with closing remarks by Dr. Alphonso Sanders, Chair of Fine Arts at MVSU as well as director of the university’s B.B. King Recording Studio.

This year’s symposium is being co-hosted by the B.B. King Museum and the B.B. King Recording Studio. The theme for this year’s events is “Chitlin’ Circuit.” The discussion, Talkin’bout the Chitlin’ Circuit includes noted panelists “Mr. Chitlin Circuit” himself, Bobby Rush, Club Owner, Teddy Johnson; Road Manager, Frank “Scrap Iron” Robinson, Jr.; and Musicians, Lil’ Ray Neal, Big George Brock, Jessie Robinson, and Bill “Howl-n-Madd” Perry. – This panel is moderated by Preston Lauderbach.

Also taking place are art exhibits and evening performances. Check the complete schedule that follows below.

Here is the program for the 3rd Annual BB King Symposium:


Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017

 11:00 AM – Lecturer, Malika Polk-Lee, Director, BB King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center Moderator, Assistant Professor, Estell Simms

Hosted by: Department of Business Administration and Department of Mass Communications

Location: Business Education Building – Room – 314

1:00 PM – Lecturer, Bobby Rush, GRAMMY winning Blues Artist

Moderator: Professor Roy Hudson, Ph.D

Hosted by: Department of Fine Arts and Department of English

Location: The Little Theater – Upstairs in Fine Arts Building

2:00 PM – Lecturer, Preston Lauterbach, Author of “The Chitlin Circuit: Road to Rock n’ Roll”

Moderator: Assistant Professor, Sade Turnipseed, Ph.D

Hosted by: Department of Social Sciences and Department of English

Location: Social Science Building – Room 3 / 11

Thursday, September 7, 2017


The “Chitlin’ Circuit” Years

9:00 AM – Welcome, Acknowledgements, and Moment of Silence in Memory of Late Blues Legends Stanley Abernathy and Booker Walker – Dr. Paul Schreiber and Dr. Alphonso Sanders

9:05 AM – Honoring Miss Mary Shepard, Queen of Jook and the Story of Club Ebony, An Historic Chitlin’ Circuit Stop – Robert Terrell, Director of Operations, BB King Museum and Interpretive Center

9:15 AM- The Book “The Chitlin’ Circuit, the Road to Rock and Roll”, Author Preston Lauterbach with Interviewer Dr. Clark “DeaconBluz” White

9:40 AM- Who was David “Honey Boy” Edwards? – Michael Frank and Special Music Tribute by Ben Payton

10:00 AM- Popular Radio and the Chitlin’ Circuit – Gus Redmond, Theodore Arthur, Jr., and Ruben Hughes with Moderator, Robert Terrell

10:35 AM – Talkin’bout the Chitlin’ Circuit, with “Mr. Chitlin Circuit”, Bobby Rush and Club Owner, Teddy Johnson; Road Manager, Frank “Scrap Iron” Robinson, Jr.; and Musicians, Lil’ Ray Neal, Big George Brock, Jessie Robinson, and Bill “Howl-n-Madd” Perry – Moderated by Preston Lauderbach

11:20 AM – BB King’s “Lucille” Performance featuring Syl Johnson with Bobby Rush, Lil Ray Neal, and musicians Tony “T.C.” Coleman (drum), Eric Edwards (piano), and Jimmie Lee, Jr. (bass)

11:30 AM —– What’s Your Blues Chitlin’ Circuit Story? Community Talk Moderated by Bobby Williamson, Delta Super Talk Radio

12:00 – 1:00 PM —- LUNCH BREAK

1:10 PM — Blues Tribute to BB King by Jesse Robinson and Lil Ray Neal with

musicians Tony “T.C.”Coleman (drums), Eric Edwards (piano), and Jimmie Lee, Jr. (bass)

1:25 PM —- Beyond the Chitlin’ Circuit: The Birth of the Chicago Soul Entertainment Scene – Gus Redmond, Syl Johnson, Willie Henderson, Gene Barge, Jimmi Mayes, and Cash McCall – Moderator, Sherrell Holley

2:10 PM — A Talk with Legendary Women – Ms. Sue EvansMrs. Willie Mae Bland, Ms. Dorothy Moore, Lora Walker, Mrs. Shirley Neal, and Vickie Baker – Moderator, Teeny Tucker

2:45 PM —- Special Tribute by Dorothy Moore with Musicians Melvin Hendrex and Sherrill Holly

2:50 PM —- SANKOFA “go back and get it”: The Future of African Americans and the Blues – An Open Q&A Moderated by Charles Mitchell with guest Mickey Rogers, Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater, Mark Anthony Lee, Tony Coleman, Mike Doster, King Edward, and Walter King.

Note: Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The literal translation of the word and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

3:30 PM —- Closing Remarks – Dr. Alphonso Sanders

Art exhibits by Brad Anthony Bernard founder “Blues Roots” Artwork, Rosalind Wilcox, Art Chair, Coahoma Community College, and the MVSU Fine Arts Department

Evening Performances 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM at Club Ebony with special guest and a Jus’ Blues Awards Presentation