American Blues Scene Reaches Milestone 20,000 Facebook Fans

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We almost never focus on the numbers. It is the philosophy of the staff and writers to concentrate the vast majority of our energy and time on blues music news and content that will continue to help enrich the blues, while providing fun and entertainment for it’s great many fans.

With that idea firmly in place, the American Blues Scene’s “cottage” community has continued to grow and blossom, entirely organically, with more new blues fans and friends every day. Today, American Blues Scene is celebrating another milestone in it’s history: 20,000 Facebook fans.

It would be easy to attribute the great and rapid accumulation of fans to our incredible staff, however, it is, as always, the people — both fans and artists, who are so wildly passionate about the music that makes this what it is.

Though focusing on a number is relatively unimportant, it is also significant, because in that number, we see evidence of a vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, and most importantly, a growing greater community of people touched by this music that we’re incredibly fortunate to be a part of.

Our staff and writers listen to, travel to, and enjoy incredible blues music every day. Very few businesses are blessed with the ability to contribute a significant part of a yearly budget for travel, food, and lodging to go to music festivals. Even fewer employees, it seems, are as excited to “work” over a weekend as ours are when covering a festival or event. We’ve attended blues festivals across the country and beyond, and what we’ve seen is, as Joe Bonamassa poignantly told us last year, a “renaissance” of the blues.

It is thanks to the incredible support of wonderfully loyal, passionate blues fans that we are able to continue to carry out our mission — both full and part time. The staff at American Blues Scene would sincerely like to thank you for keeping our wheels turning smoothly by purchasing our blues t-shirts and merchandise, supporting our fantastic blues advertisers, and, if some music looks interesting to you, picking up copies of albums we review.

We excitedly look forward to keeping our mission of doing our part towards helping the blues continue to grow, remain vibrant, and enrich the lives of it’s listeners and players… while providing the very best in blues music news!

Thank you!