Ana Popovic at JazzBones FEATURED

Ana Popovic, Jazzbones August 15th, 2012

When it came showtime at JazzBones in Tacoma,Washington, the lights were dimmed & Ana was introduced to a sold out crowd... Then came the slide guitar.
Ana Popovic at JazzBones
Ana Popovic at JazzBones

When I was asked to go to Tacomas’ Jazzbones to cover Ana Popovic, I was sent a link to her new album “Unconditional”. On the cover is a photograph of herself wearing nothing but a strategically placed electric guitar. My first thought was “Wow, anyone with enough confidence to pose & advertise with a photo like that HAS to be fun!” and I was NOT disappointed.

At show time, the lights were dimmed & Ana was introduced to the sold out crowd. Everyone listened in awe to her long list of her fancy accomplishments, ranging from being a three-time nominee for the 2012 Blues Music Awards to being the proud new mother to a baby girl on June 1st of this year, and let me tell you, she has recovered beautifully in these 10 short weeks.

Then the lights went on and her band started playing an intro as she made her way from the back of the restaurant to the stage, where she immediately strapped on her guitar — instantly mesmerizing everyone. She had on a short & shiny, sexy cocktail dress that looked like it was made just for her, along with some of the hottest heels around!

She continued to play her guitar & sing with her band for the next hour. They took a break & played for another hour. Their sound was a little mixed, in my opinion, from rock to funk. Though mixed all together, it was clearly the blues. She owned her guitars. I’ve never seen such a feminine woman tear it up the way she did! Her shredding & use of the slide could compete with anyone, male or female! She made it sound like her guitar could talk, in fact I think there was a full blown conversation between her guitar and the keyboard at one point. It was awesome! Add her deep, clear vocals and her energetic band mates to the mix & it’s a show you don’t want to miss. The whole performance is a treat for your both your eyes and your ears!

I recommend seeing Ana Popovic if the opportunity knocks. You won’t regret one minute of it!


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