Big Joe Stomp Box Company: Guitar Pedals Made Just for Blues

Like many in the blues world, I've always been a bit of a purist...
Big Joe Stomp Box B-403-Vintage-Tube
Big Joe Stomp Box B-403-Vintage-Tube

Like many in the blues world, I’ve always been a bit of a purist. When looking for a creamy, true blues sound, most overdrive and distortion pedals have always just sounded “fake” to my ears. I want something that sounds real. And for the most part, that’s meant writing off pedals. Enter the Big Joe Stomp Box Company. With a passion for all-analogy circuitry, these guys are making pedals with true blues tone that you’d be a fool to ignore.

If smooth, buttery blues tone is your goal, you have got to check out the B-403 Vintage Tube. Put in front of a good tube amp, the B-403 Vintage Tube pedal really excells at pushing up the pre-amp gain just enough to get a rich, natural breakup out of the amp. And while it won’t replace your vintage blackface Fender, the pedal adds warmth and natural tube-like overdrive to solid-state and modeling amplifiers too.

Looking for a bit more grit and dirt in your blues? Check out the B-401 Saturated Tube. This has that meaty, throaty howl of an old amp cranked all the way up and turned loose. It’s great for cranking out heavy blues rhythms or hard edged riffs, but without stripping out all the resonance and tone like a lot of pedals tend to do. And with the dials set right, the B-401 Saturated Tube will also add just the right kind of singing sustain and presence to guitar solos.

And those are just the ones I messed with! The Big Joe Stomp Box Company has a full range of pedals for all sorts of great blues tones. And while I’d take tone like this in any package, Big Joe pedals are made with a rugged, roadworthy metal construction that’s built to last. Bottom line: if you’re looking for great blues tones, there ain’t no need to go no further, brother. Check out the Big Joe Stomp Box Company, and let them know American Blues Scene sent you!

Big Joe Stomp Box Company


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