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Ben Harper Is in a Good Place

"When blues is doing what it's supposed to be doing, you wanna say 'Amen!' after it. It has a way of grabbing you by the chest and shaking the nonsense out of you."
Bluesfest London 2018 Opening

John Fogerty and Steve Miller Open London’s BluesFest 2018

John Fogerty and Steve Miller Band will perform their own full sets on the opening night BluesFest 2018.

Eric Corne Calls the World to Task on ‘Happy Songs For The Apocalypse’

Taking roots-rock, blues, alt country, and folk, Corne blends the twelve tracks on 'Happy Songs For The Apocalypse' into a sonically engaging offering.

Sterling Ball, John Ferraro, & Jim Cox Are ‘The Mutual Admiration Society’

The idea was for a group of close musical friends to have fun recording an album. Nailed it!

Robert Gordon Captures Junior Kimbrough on ‘Memphis Rent Party’

"Tenants who needed to make rent would throw a party where they lived, pushing all the furniture back to allow more room for dancing..."
Michelle Malone by Harold Sellers

Michelle Malone Fires ‘Slings & Arrows’ and Strikes Gold

In a sea of "self-professed rootsy rebels," Michelle Malone stands as a beacon. She is the real-deal, and 'Slings & Arrows' is her validation.

Peter Parcek’s ‘Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven’ Is the Real Deal

Parcek always does what’s right for the song and isn’t just trying to blow the listener’s mind.

Rock and Roll was Born at the Crossroads

When someone asks who really invented Rock and Roll, you can tell them Roosevelt and Uaroy Graves did it in Hattiesburg during the Great Depression.

Mick Kolassa’s ‘Double Standards’ Is Full of Surprises

Kolassa’s 'Double Standards' is a deceptively complex album of compelling takes on great blues songs.

Longtime Host of King Biscuit Time “Sunshine” Sonny Payne Dead at 92

Blues great B.B. King listened to Payne on his lunch break when he was picking cotton in the fields as a teenager.
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