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Chicago Blues

EXCLUSIVE Free Download featuring Taj Mahal from Blues Planet

Upcoming album "Blues Planet" has given the American Blues Scene an exclusive Taj Mahal track for our readers to download FREE!

Blues Today Music, Media & Health Summit to Discuss Musicians' Challenges

"... the community will band together and hold a benefit to assist with recovery, medical and other bills, and final arrangements, if necessary."
T-Bone Walker

This Week in Blues Past: The Births of the Original Kinsey and the "Father...

T-Bone Walker 1. T-Bone Walker March 16th, 1975: One of the most influential pioneers of Jump and Electric Blues, Aaron Thibeaux "T-Bone" Walker died of bronchial pneumonia in Los Angeles, California at the age of 64....

Davy Knowles Celebrates Top 5 Debut

"I'm overwhelmed by the support for the new record, and so glad to see it being received so well."
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Video: Howlin' Wolf Plays Smokestack Lightning Live

Today's video comes from Howlin' Wolf, playing Smokestack Lightnin' to a ravenous crowd in England in 1964. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1FK620bS7A]

Who Really Invented Rock and Roll?

As a musical genre, it arguably dates back almost a century. But who really invented the music known as rock and roll? Here are the contenders.
The Rolling Stones - Blues and Lonesome

The Rolling Stones’ ‘Blue & Lonesome’ Takes Us Back to the Beginning

Yet, here are the Rolling Stones, telling us "School is in session, and here is how it's done." Not with malice. Not with a sense of being smug, or full of themselves. No: It is done with a sense of knowing.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Magic Slim

Winning his first W. C. Handy Award (Blues Music Award) in 1981, Magic Slim & The Teardrops won "Best Blues Band of the Year," no fewer than six times, garnering over 40 nominations in the first three decades of the awards' existence.

TBT – ‘Led Zeppelin I’ Makes History

These days, 'Led Zeppelin I' is generally hailed as a masterpiece, and we can't think of any of our friends that have not owned at least one copy in one format or another.

Johnnie Johnson to Receive Congressional Gold Medal

Johnson endured racism and inspired social change while integrating the previously all-white Marine Corps.
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