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Sorry for the Wait, Blues Fans — We Have Returned!

As several have recently pointed out, we have been notably absent from posting great new blues content, as is our mission. For the past week, our editor has been in the process of moving,...

Happy Birthday, Buddy Guy!!

The amazing giant of guitar and blues turns seventy five years young today, and rocks harder than most musicians alive. Thank you for keeping the beat, buddy.
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Dr. John covers Big Chief for Clint Eastwood's "Piano Blues" Episode

Several years back, PBS released a special series of hour-long episodes, each exploring a different aspect of the blues, each with a different director. Arguably the finest was the "Piano Blues" episode, which was...

The 27 Club

After the death of Amy Winehouse at age 27, articles and inferences about the 27 club have inevitably arisen. The macabre club, who's membership requirement includes death, has strong, eerie roots in the blues.

"Unconditional" From Ana Popovic Is Blues At It’s Finest

We all know Ana can play. We all know she can sing. As if she has something to prove, she absolutely tortures the fretboard on "Unconditional" and  she belts out tune after tune. A seasoned veteran...
We Juke Up In Here


The creative team behind the award-winning 2008 blues movie M For Mississippi have reunited.

Finding God in the Mississippi Delta

This heartfelt article was recently a headline on CNN. The story is based in the Mississippi Delta around Moorehead, ("Where Southern Cross the Dog") and Indianola, (B.B. King's Hometown).
Reverend Peyton FEATURED

Back Porch Interview with the Great Reverend Peyton

Reverend Peyton, who's new album Peyton on Patton was released today, stopped by the back porch and gave us some serious enlightenment on Charlie Patton, his amazing playing, and his Warped Tour!

Raw Footage of Ottawa Bluesfest Stage Post-Collapse

American Blues Scene recently broke the news of the Ottawa Bluesfest stage collapsing under pressure. See araw video showing the chaotic aftermath of the stage's collapse, courtesy of CNN.
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