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Tab Benoit - Medicine

"Medicine" by Tab Benoit Is Powerful Cajun-Man Blues

Tab Benoit, one of the blues' most successful artists in decades, is set to release his latest studio album, and it may well be his best to date.

Seattle-based blues guitarist/songwriter Dudley Taft signs deal with Germany's MIG records

Blues guitarist/singer/songwriter Dudley Taft is pleased to announce a licensing deal with Manfred Schuetz's Made in Germany (MIG) record label.
Robert Johnson Centennial Feature

Robert Johnson Centennial: Beck Plays "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"

In honor of Robert Johnson's upcoming 100th birthday, up to Johnson's birthday on May 8th, we will be releasing a series of videos, songs, and articles on the iconic blues hero. Today's is Beck, playing "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"

Behind The Keys – Dr. John, Known as the Night Tripper

Dr. John is one of the most internationally celebrated musicians to come from New Orleans. After a half century of creating music, he's still running fast and strong.
Mistakes Were Made - Broke and Hungry Records

"Mistakes Were Made", Broke and Hungry Records' Towering Delta Blues Achievement

"Mistakes Were Made" might be the best captured congregation of mind-blowing delta artists since Alan Lomax!

Juke Joint Festival in Mississippi Kicks Off Blues Festival Season

Spring is upon us, and that means Juke Joint Festival is kicking off the festival season! We talked with Roger Stolle of Cathead Folk Art Gallery about the exciting Clarksdale, Mississippi festival.

Doctor Dan Ivankovich – Big Bluesman, Bigger Heart

Doctor Dan Ivankovich is, to put it mildly, not your average doctor. A surgeon by day and an accomplished bluesman by night, Dr. Dan attends to Chicago's poorest and neglected citizens.
Muddy Waters Birthday Featured

Happy 100th Birthday Muddy Waters

Happy Birthday Muddy Waters! Nearly no soul in history could say they were the Blues like Muddy Waters could. Muddy is one of the most prolific embodiments of the Blues that ever lived.
Robert Petway Found Featured

The Disappearance of Robert Petway: A New Theory

Robert Petway is known for one thing: “Catfish Blues”, a prolific song that influenced Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix & countless others. Little is known about Petway’s life, but a new theory & records provide a new perspective.
Big Joe and the Dynaflows - Can't Keep A Big Man Down

Big Joe and the Dynaflows Deliver Jumping Rhythm, Blues, Rock

Big Joe and the Dynaflows new album "You Can't Keep A Big Man Down" is a jumping blues anthem with unique flavors of classic R&B, swing, wicked drumming, power guitar, and heavy horns!
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