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Tyler Bryant

Amazing Guitarist Tyler Bryant Playing Slide

Tyler Bryant is one of the most exciting things to come out of Texas. Deeply steeped in the blues, Tyler has a unique sound, amazing guitar, soul & talent! Check out this video of Tyler in action!

Cee Cee James, The Vocal Volcano

If you've never seen or heard Cee Cee James before, once you do, you'll wonder why not! With a rich, wildly soulful sound, James is winning fans across the country and the world.
Catfish Blues Feature - Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Robert Petway

A Brief Musical History of "Catfish Blues"

"Catfish Blues" is a persistent song. It's been sang countless times and borrowed from by the likes of Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix. Look at the history behind the iconic song and it's progression through music.
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Tallan Latz with Joe Bonamassa Live!

With the massively talented Joe Bonamassa's upcoming album, we thought this would be a great time for a wild video of Joe and ABS favorite Tallan Latz on stage together live!

Ray Charles with B.B. King

We just couldn't resist posting this amazing video of Ray Charles playing with B.B. King. A guitar with a piano never felt so right... [youtube]
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Introducing Ron Beatteay, with a Dudley Taft video

American Blues Scene would like to introduce Ron Beatteay, our latest writer, and a recent video Ron shot of a wildly talented blues artist.
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Muddy Waters Plays Scorching Slide on Train Fare Blues

In this video, blues master Muddy Waters plays scorching, soul-bending live slide guitar on "Train Fare Blues". Muddy was one of, if not the greatest slide guitar player to have ever lived.
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Ronnie Wood, Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang at the Crossroads Guitar Festival

Here's a special treat! Buddy Guy, Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, and Johnny Lang, all jamming on one magnificent stage!
American Blues Scene Featured Video

Keith Richards, B.B. King and Eric Clapton Playing the Blues

We've got three tasty blues videos for your viewing pleasure, including Keith Richards hitting some signature licks, and B.B. King on David Letterman!

Buddy Guy Playing "Skin Deep" on Letterman

How about a little Buddy Guy to start off the year right? Here's Buddy on the David Letterman show playing his amazing single "Skin Deep", the title track to his 2008 album.
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