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Album Reviews

Low Cut Connie Heralds the Return of Rock n Roll

Rock and Roll has been described as dangerous, incendiary, and corrupting. Philadelphia's Low Cut Connie, and their release 'Dirty Pictures (Part 2)' are all those things in the very best ways. Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll!
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Greyhounds Create Huge Sound on ‘Cheyenne Valley Drive’

'Cheyenne Valley Drive' is a tasteful, soulful album full of great songs and interesting sounds.

Marcia Ball Shines Bright on Her Newest Alligator Release

With her pocketful of Blues Music Awards, five Grammy® nominations, and her title as 2018 Texas State Musician, Marcia Ball isn't resting her on her laurels. She's pounding the keys, belting out the songs, and continues to 'Shine Bright'.
Brother Dege1 pc Brian Richard

Brother Dege Writes a Psyouthern ‘Farmer’s Almanac’

The ghosts that haunt the American South, and Brother Dege's mind, are released in Farmer's Almanac in the same way Robert Johnson conjured the devil.

Paul Thorn Gives Us Gospel On
 ‘Don’t Let the Devil Ride’

Paul Thorn is sharing and exploring the music that shaped him as an artist, and it makes for one of the best albums of 2018 so far.

Mike Zito Lives a ‘First Class Life’

'First Class Life' brings Zito full-circle. Mike Zito's return to the blues is, in a word, triumphant!

Debut Album From Allman Goldflies Band is Their ‘Second Chance’

Producer James Fairs said, "Allman Goldflies Band hold a card in one of the best decks around." Yes sir, and it's an ace!
Rita Coolidge-PR-photo-2-Blue Elan Records

Rita Coolidge Makes Us Feel ‘Safe in the Arms of Time’

We're more than excited about Rita Coolidge being back in the music scene. 'Safe in the Arms of Time' is her key to a whole new generation.

AJ Ghent Serves the Songs on ‘The Neo Blues Project’

This EP is about strong songs that are supported by fantastic, tasteful playing. One cannot help but look forward to his next, full-length studio album.

GTBB’s ‘Backstage Pass’ Is A Real Good Time

Anyone who’s ever walked into a random bar and wound up hearing an extraordinary band will love the energy of 'Backstage Pass.'
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