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Album Reviews

Albert Castiglia is on "Solid Ground"

The fourteen tracks on Solid Ground give you plenty of sonic pleasure to enjoy. Castiglia and company have given us an engaging performance, and this album is a real winner.

Davina and The Vagabonds Take Us Back with "Nicollet and Tenth"

There is no question that Davina and The Vagabonds captures the sounds of the roaring twenties. Guys and dolls would be feelin' blue if they didn’t add this to their music collection.
Robi Zonca

So Good by Robi Zonca, is indeed, so good

A masterful blend of rhythm and blues, jazz, and rock, Robi Zonca has kicked out his fifth CD since 2003.

Davy Knowles Finds His Roots ‘Three Miles From Avalon’

This must have album will hold a special place in your collection. If you ever take it out of the player that is.

Five Essential Delta Blues Albums You Must Own

Now, in the 21st century, these early players are recognized as founding fathers of the blues genre. These musicians are the pillars upon which the houses of folk, rock, and blues have been built.

Blues Legend Lurrie Bell ‘Can’t Shake This Feeling’

The Chicago blues are alive and well, and Lurrie Bell is the pulse.

‘Soul Repo’ Is Chicken Soup for Blues Souls

Soul Repo is truly chicken soup for the blues. The players come together like the movement of a fine Swiss watch, and the vocals are first class throughout.

Peaches Staten: Peaches Live at Legends

Peaches, who is playing live at Buddy Guy's club, Legends, in Chicago, is electric in "Live at Legends"

Sista Jean and C.B. Go "Back To The Root"

There is not a bad song on this album. The vocals are brilliant throughout, and are vaguely reminiscent of Mavis Staples. Barriteau's playing is clean, smooth, and delicate, always with a spark to it. Listeners can tell this gentleman really loves his work.

Deanna Bogart's "Just a Wish Away…" A New Orleans Flavored Emotional Ride

Rising from the fusion of R&B, jazz, blues, and country, the New Orleans flavored album features some of the most talented musicians this side of Frenchmen Street
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