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Jimmy "Duck" Holmes – Treats Us to "It Is What It Is"

This album is as gritty, stark and raw as one can imagine. But that's Bentonia and nobody plays it better than Holmes.
The Rolling Stones - Blues and Lonesome

The Rolling Stones’ ‘Blue & Lonesome’ Takes Us Back to the Beginning

Yet, here are the Rolling Stones, telling us "School is in session, and here is how it's done." Not with malice. Not with a sense of being smug, or full of themselves. No: It is done with a sense of knowing.

Samantha Fish – Runaway Album Review

Samantha Fish, a relative newcomer to the blues, has recently released a top quality, guitar-driven album, produced by Mike Zito, that touches on a number of styles and boasts several memorable tracks.

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters "Just For Today"

This is the best work Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters have put on disc in years. Good sound quality and a great mix make this album really easy on the ears too.
Mistakes Were Made - Broke and Hungry Records

"Mistakes Were Made", Broke and Hungry Records' Towering Delta Blues Achievement

"Mistakes Were Made" might be the best captured congregation of mind-blowing delta artists since Alan Lomax!
Boo Boo Davis - Aint Gotta Dime

Boo Boo Davis "Aint Gotta Dime" CD Review

In the summer of 2009 the trio played a string of big blues & jazz festivals all over Europe. During those long travels they got a lot of ideas for new songs. So in...

Is Tas Cru Tired of Hearing Bluesmen Cryin'?

This album is good listening on many levels. The musicians are first class and so is the playing. Sound and production quality is excellent. What really seals the deal here is that this album is just a bunch of fun to listen to!

Ronnie Earl Delivers "Good News"

When Ronnie Earl releases new material, it's cause for celebration. Like fine wine, he improves with age.
James Cotton - Giant

After 66 years, JAMES COTTON'S still got it!

I've often heard the word timeless tossed around while describing the music of blues artists. I can't really think of a more fitting word to use that would sum up James Cotton's latest release on Alligator Records "Giant".

Hugh Laurie's "Didn't It Rain" Is An Understated Delight

Hugh Laurie's "Didn't It Rain" Is An Understated Delight. The album is subdued, mellow, and wonderfully understated. The atmosphere of the album is very unhurried, which really let's the music speak.
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