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Brad James Band ‘At Fellowship Hall’

Low-key is often a euphemism for boring but the Brad James Band's At Fellowship Hall is low-key—without being dull.

Misty Blues Pickled & Aged

Many artists can combine rock and blues, or jazz and blues, or gospel and blues, but damn few do it with the brilliant, joyful noise produced by Misty Blues on Pickled & Aged.

‘Sweet Or Mean’ Eliza Neals Brings It All On New Raw Blues Rock EP

Powerhouse vocalist Eliza Neals comes out swinging with one of the most notorious Blues-rock guitarists in the industry.

Ranky Tanky Preserves Gullah Music With New EP

This is an impressive EP in that Ranky Tanky is able to put across a sound that many of us don't have a convenient mental shorthand for.

Diana Rein ‘Queen of my Castle’

It sounds like Rein was born on a blues club stage with a guitar in her hands and a rocking band behind her.
Ray Fuller Feature Image

Ray Fuller and The Bluesrockers Know How to ‘Pay the Price’

With just 4 members, they produce a sound that is much bigger than the sum of their parts.
Kingfish Feature RoryDoyle

Christone Ingram Launches Out of the Delta With Debut Album ‘Kingfish’

Whether he's the salvation of the genre, or merely its next great fulmination remains to be heard. But we'll tell you that not having the album Kingfish by Christone Ingram in your collection is a crime against music.
alicehowe-feature-full-photo-Robert M Ring

Alice Howe Debuts With ‘Visions’

Not only is Alice Howe a gifted songwriter and performer, she has the wherewithal to surround herself with artists that were actually on the scene of the genre she has chosen to showcase.
Tony Campanella Feature

Tony Campanella is ‘Taking it to the Street’

As for 'Taking it to the Street,' while blues purists may poo-poo the effort, we think it's a blues/rock album that will get played many times over in the collections of those who appreciate the modern genre.

Tal Wilkenfeld Breaks New Ground With ‘Love Remains’

If it's not already in your personal library we can only ask why not? To paraphrase the Bard, if music be the food of love, Tal Wilkenfeld, play on!
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