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Rick Estrin - One Wrong Turn FEATURED

Rick Estrin and the Nightcats Take One Wrong Turn (And It's Awesome)

The love and effort that went into writing and playing this material is evident throughout.

Rory Block Is An American Treasure

With "I Belong To The Band", Rory Block has cemented her indisputable position as a master of this genre.

Cee Cee James Delivers Smoking "Blood Red Blues"

Blood Red Blues by "The Vocal Volcano" herself, Cee Cee James, is in and it is smoking!

Heritage Blues Orchestra – "and still I rise": Hear it, Feel it, Be a...

"Rise" invites you to discover that you’re listening to musicians who know their art, their culture, and possibly most importantly, themselves
Albert Castiglia - Livin The Dream FEATURED

Albert Castiglia Is "Living The Dream"

Ever listen to a musician’s work and think to yourself "I need to hear that again so I can comprehend. What was that!?" Albert Castiglia’s latest offering rises to that pinnacle of Blues.
Marion James - Northside Soul

"Northside Soul" from Marion James is Overrunning With It

Dripping, overflowing on the floor, lie down and get into it
Peter Karp and Sue Foley - Beyond the Crossroads

Sue Foley and Peter Karp are Beyond the Crossroads

Storytelling! They’ve got energetic stories. Just read their bios on their web site! The musical influences are a list longer than the arm. Can you imagine scoring Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited” when you’re 8...
Bill "Howl-N-Madd" Perry -- Painting by H.C. Porter

"The Clarksdale Sessions" from Bill "Howl-n-Madd" Perry; Delta Blues & Much More

The latest from Perry finds the singer exploring his depths while keeping a familiar feel to his trademark sound.
Andy Poxon Band - Red Roots FEATURED

Andy Poxon’s "Red Roots" is a Ground Floor Opportunity.

If you want to follow an artist that will be exceptional no matter what he puts his hand to, then make sure you start with Red Roots.
Marion James Essence FEATURED

Marion James gives us her musical vintage on her new CD Essence.

This has subtle layered taste that awakens the palette, the sleek lines that silently scream power and style, and the sounds that deliver the groove with such finesse that they resonate with the rhythm of the soul.
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