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Rolling Stones The Forum 1972 James Fortune Smithsonian Books

‘Smithsonian Rock and Roll Live and Unseen’ Until Now

Joe or Jane Ticketholder, with their Instamatics and Polaroids, sometimes caught images no one but their family and friends have seen - until now.
Cover Me Feature Image

Cover Me: The Stories Behind the Greatest Cover Songs of All Time

The fact is, without cover songs, some of the greatest songs ever written, may well have since been forgotten.

Marie Trout Delivers with ‘The Blues – Why it Still Hurts so Good’

The book "... examines various aspects of blues music, the roles that it plays in the lives of fans, and why their hearts hold it so closely to them."

'Waiting for Buddy Guy: Chicago Blues at the Crossroads'

"Although Waiting for Buddy Guy is not a biography of the guitar gunslinger, just as Harper chose to feature him for his book's title so will I in this review."

Dennis McNally Takes Us to the River, "On Highway 61"

Dennis McNally's ah-ha moment in deciding to write his book, On Highway 61 – Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom, came after Bob Dylan's comments.

David Whiteis' Southern Soul-Blues

David Whiteis' Southern Soul-Blues is the first full length book to take on southern soul music, which has developed a loyal following in the south
"In The Belly of the Blues" by Terry Abrhamson

"In The Belly of the Blues" an Intimate Look into Chicago Blues Greats with...

Beautiful coffee table book gives stunning pictures of the greatest performers in Chicago's history

Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band Live Is Vaudevillian Magic

In staunch defiance of the familiar actors-turned-bad-musicians stereotype, there was a distinct magic in Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band's live set that evokes the rousing ghosts of a New Orleans vaudeville act.
Rory Gallagher -- His Life And Times

Rory Gallagher: His Life and Times

One doesn't think of the Blues and Ireland necessarily in the same sentence, but the fascinating story of how blues guitar slinger Rory Gallagher inspired an entire nation might just change your mind...
Best of American Blues Scene

Best Of American Blues Scene – Keith Richards, Joe Bonamassa, Doctor Dan

For the month of December the American Blues Scene is going to take a trip down memory lane and we'll be digging out some of our favorite pieces that have previously appeared in our publication. We've experienced a year of phenomenal growth and we just want to make sure that our readers, old and new have the the opportunity to enjoy all of the great content that the American Blues Scene is known for.
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