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Delta Blues

Discover articles, news, stories, and pictures on Delta Blues, from the lobby of the Peabody in Memphis to Catfish Row in Vicksburg, and music all over the world that was inspired by it.

Jim Kweskin To Perform Mississippi John Hurt Homecoming Festival

"We didn't create the genre. We just brought it back to life." - Jim Kweskin

Dick Waterman – A Blues Savior

Like Forest Gump, Dick Waterman has always been where the tipping points are in blues.

Hurt’s Music Heals: How a Festival Became a Homecoming

Sowing the seeds of musical appreciation may be the most important of the festival whys and wherefores.

Interview With Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown

"I think you have to argue as a school founded on Jazz, Jazz was founded on Blues."

Bruce Cockburn to Release New Instrumental CD ‘Crowing Ignites’

More than 40 years since he embarked on his singer-songwriter career, Cockburn continues pushing himself to create—and winning accolades in the process.

Dick Waterman Blues Savior

Although he never heard blues music at home, he became one of the most influential figures in Blues during the twentieth century.
Samantha Fish Feature 2019

Samantha Fish Woman on a Mission

"No matter what you do, wherever you are in life, your experiences are going to color the music that you make." - Samantha Fish

Leon Redbone Dead at 69

"Who told you I was a musician?" - Leon Redbone
Irma, Morgan & Bob 2 Feature

Robert Mugge Motion Picture Blues

"Going in with every artist you need to know where they come from, the kind of music they play, and the personality they have. Knowing this sets the stage for various possibilities." - Robert Mugge
Kingfish Feature RoryDoyle

Christone Ingram Launches Out of the Delta With Debut Album ‘Kingfish’

Whether he's the salvation of the genre, or merely its next great fulmination remains to be heard. But we'll tell you that not having the album Kingfish by Christone Ingram in your collection is a crime against music.
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