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Vasti Jackson takes it to the crowd in Bogalusa.

Sleepy City Becomes a Music Hotspot for the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival

Not a lot happens in Bogalusa, Louisiana, but on Friday, that all changed with a hit festival featuring some of the best performers in the world!

Robert Santelli: Blues is the Great American Art Form

In anticipation of Robert's upcoming speech in Saint Louis for the National Blues Museum, we sat down to discuss his museum work, the influence (and lack of influence) the blues has had on popular music, his writing, and the special things that make music museums truly great.

Sista Jean and C.B. Go "Back To The Root"

There is not a bad song on this album. The vocals are brilliant throughout, and are vaguely reminiscent of Mavis Staples. Barriteau's playing is clean, smooth, and delicate, always with a spark to it. Listeners can tell this gentleman really loves his work.

Hugh Laurie's "Didn't It Rain" Is An Understated Delight

Hugh Laurie's "Didn't It Rain" Is An Understated Delight. The album is subdued, mellow, and wonderfully understated. The atmosphere of the album is very unhurried, which really let's the music speak.
Valerie June (Photo by Susan Riddle Duke Photography)

My Time After While – The Rise of Valerie June

"I think that my time is just the right time," explains singer/songwriter Valerie June, who released her debut national album "Pushin' Against A Stone"

Candye Kane is "Coming Out Swingin'"

If you like swing and jump style blues, you will love this album. The musicianship here is first rate, as are Kane's vocals. This album is well written, well produced, and well played.
JJ Cale (Photo by Jane Richey)

BREAKING: JJ Cale, Hit Songwriter and Musician, Passed Away

J.J. Cale was best known for the songs ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Cocaine’, covered by Eric Clapton as well as ‘Crazy Mama’ and ‘Call Me The Breeze’. Born John Weldon Cale in 1938, Cale recorded 14 studio albums as well as his collaboration album with Clapton ‘The Road To Escondido’.

Hans Theessink Gives Us "Wishing Well"

This is an excellent roots music experience. Wishing Well is exquisitely played, well mixed, and most importantly, shares the love of this music with the listener.
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