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24th Street Wailers' “Where Evil Grows” Jumps and Swings

If you enjoy your "vintage," or if you prefer, "retro" jump blues, with some kick instead of a lame imitation, this album is for you.

The New Blues Roaring Out of Louisiana

It is encouraging to see such an abundance of new blood carrying the blues forward from a region steeped in America’s music, and it’s history.

Wild Heart a Turning Point for Samantha Fish

Kansas City blues guitarist/singer, Samantha Fish, has been working diligently on her third studio album, and that work has paid off in spades. Wild Heart began with a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to work with...

C.C. Rider the Venerator: Jack Bruce

You know the songs. Sunshine of your Love, White Room. And you know the band right? Cream? Well do you know who wrote ‘em, who sang ‘em? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t Eric Clapton...

C.C. Rider the Venerator: Roy Orbison

"Pretty Woman" is Roy Orbison’s biggest hit, the best known of all his songs. It took the already famous Orbison and rocketed him to a whole new stratosphere.

Def Leppard Guitarist Announces New Blues Band, Album

While many artists aim to make their mark by creating new genres or introducing their own new versions of music, Collen and Delta Deep melded their blues inspirations with who they are...

Jack White Makes Large Donation to National Blues Museum

Music champion Jack White has made a six-figure donation to the National Blues Museum in St. Louis...

WORLD PREMIERE: Ana Popovic’s "Catfish Blues" off new album, Blue Room

It took ten years for Ana Popovic to convince her father Milton to record an album together... now for the first time, hear the first track off of "Blue Room"!

Bobby Messano’s “Love & Money” “I had a lot to write about…it’s my therapy!”

Love & Money is a must have album for any collection! A superb piece of songwriting! A good mixture of music from bluesy improvisations all the way to Messana’s signature electrifying blues-rock.

This Week in Blues Past: Two Mississippi Tragedies that produced famous songs, the...

This Week in Blues Past: Two Mississippi Tragedies that produced famous songs, the naming of a Blues Award and much, much more...
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