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Jack White Makes Large Donation to National Blues Museum

Music champion Jack White has made a six-figure donation to the National Blues Museum in St. Louis...

WORLD PREMIERE: Ana Popovic’s "Catfish Blues" off new album, Blue Room

It took ten years for Ana Popovic to convince her father Milton to record an album together... now for the first time, hear the first track off of "Blue Room"!

Bobby Messano’s “Love & Money” “I had a lot to write about…it’s my therapy!”

Love & Money is a must have album for any collection! A superb piece of songwriting! A good mixture of music from bluesy improvisations all the way to Messana’s signature electrifying blues-rock.

This Week in Blues Past: Two Mississippi Tragedies that produced famous songs, the...

This Week in Blues Past: Two Mississippi Tragedies that produced famous songs, the naming of a Blues Award and much, much more...

Blues Guitar Saturday a Hit at Tampa Bay Blues Festival

The crowd assembled for this day's lineup was the biggest in the festival's history.

Eliza Neals' "Breaking and Entering" Brings Detroit Blues to a Boil

From the opening notes of "Detroit Drive," Neals and company grab us, shake us, caress us, and at record's end, deposit us in a blissful, disheveled, spent heap.

Aykroyd To Recruit New Talent On Blues Brothers Records Label

Dan Aykroyd has just announced the establishment of Blues Brothers Records with Judy Belushi-Pisano, the widow of John Belushi.

Detroit’s Eliza Neals Heats Things Up with Her Rocking Blues

Actually, I was supposed to go to Vienna and be an opera singer. They told me I could really do something big in opera, but, my heart is in the blues ...

Not Forgotten, Alvin Lee, March 6, 2015

On the two -year anniversary of Alvin Lee's passing, current front man Marcus Bonfanti strives to keep his legacy alive.

After Long Illness, Walter Trout Announces Triumphant Return

After a long, dire, very public illness, Walter Trout is triumphantly returning!!
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