WORLD PREMIERE: Conversation with The King — BB King

2019 Beth Hart wide

NOW, get a sneak peek of the B.B. King Museum’s VERY FIRST “Conversation with the King” exclusively at the American Blues Scene!

The B.B. King Museum is releasing a series of web films that provide a unique insight into the life of the “King of the Blues.” As he approaches his 87th birthday, B.B. King continues to awe audiences with his strong voice and one-of-a-kind guitar style. These new films give viewers rare access to King’s inner emotions and the forces that have helped him succeed as both a man of character and enormous talent. Also included are a number of wonderful interviews with King’s childhood friends who share stories and thoughts about the man they all knew as Riley. The subjects range from reptiles to religion and are sure to please even the most jaded King fan.

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