Dogs & Bones' "2.1" is funky!

Dogs & Bones is six tracks of swampy, smokey, hard driving blues-rock. The band has a sweet stripped down style with, primarily, simply a guitar, drums, and base with the occasional harmonica interspersed into the mix. The vocal work is smokey and has an aire of punk rock reminiscence.

The first track, (Sometimes) It’s Better Not To Know, has a swampy, psychedelic surf-rock style that sets the tone for the rest of the CD. The entire album has an artfully composed blend of surf rock, swamp blues, and a gumbo of other styles that melt together to make a fun and unique blues-rock hit. The Dogs & Bones have been driving through the west coast music scene for some time now, with appearances at the Viper Room and House of Blues, among others… and in good reason. If you’re a fan of heavy blues, check them out!


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