Tweed Funk's "Love Is" a Powerhouse Punch of Funk, Soul, Blues

Tweed Funk - Love Is
Tweed Funk - Love Is

Tweed Funk is the sultry, smooth, killer funk band that’s been blowing up the blues world with sexy vocals, hot guitar and, of course, that low down funky bass. Their latest, Love Is, was produced by the powerful Greg Koch, and is a compelling display of the kind of exciting out-of-the-box style that Tweed Funk is known for.

“Dancemaker” summons a funky soul Stax sound that casts a spell on your body, and makes you get groovin’! “Gettin’ Home” is a slow burning track that invokes a soulful Chicago Blues feel. “What Have I Done Wrong”, a Magic Sam tune, fits perfectly in Tweed Funk’s repertoire. Smokey’s vocals are the centerpiece of this track, but the backing of the B3 and a skillfully placed, electrifying guitar solo give it a shiny spin. A classy, unique cover of an iconic song. The band boldly takes on James Brown’s “Sex Machine”, loosening up the groove and giving Donnie Mac, this time taking lead vocals, a chance to have some fun with it. The result is a track that’s a blast to listen to.

Overall, this album is a powerhouse punch, and we had a lot of trouble writing a review because we were too busy dancing to the stylistic grooves that Tweed Funk was laying down. Mix in some classic south side Chicago blues, smokin’ horns, a soul-drenched B3 organ, under the thick fog of some of the best funk to be waxed in years, and you’ve got the raw energy of Tweed Funk. Smokey’s vocals makes it sound like he was born for this music. JD Optekar plays a sometimes hot, sometimes soulful, always dead-on soul guitar. Donnie Mack takes up several instruments, playing the bass, backup vocals, and keys on “Fragile” — pivotal parts of Tweed Funk’s sound. Jimmy Voegeli of The Jimmys contributed the hot B3 work. Marcus Gibbons lays down the prominent percussion, giving the band that crucial funk heartbeat. Love Is is a blast to listen to as the band calls up funk, blues and soul influences and spins it with their own exciting style.

Pick up a copy of Love Is at Tweed Funk’s official website