Mick Hayes: An American Blues Scene Road Trip

The genius of 'My Claim to FAME' is Hayes’ use of existing studio musicians who recorded on some of the greatest FAME classics.

Starting Monday, July 13, Mick Hayes will embark on a road trip that will take him through some of music’s most cherished and respected cities: Cleveland, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Muscle Shoals. He will be documenting it all here on American Blues Scene, where it all started with his video premiere of the song “Sweet To Me.”  So huddle around, grab a buddy, and a bag of chips. This will be so much fun! 



Over the next 12 days, Mick and his buddy John Gifford III (who will be filming), will be going to record stores, cool places to eat, and some cool surprises – like jamming at Royal Studios and meeting up with his FAME buddies. 

His latest album, MY CLAIM TO FAME, has been getting some fantastic press and radio airplay since it came out in late May. 

American Blues Scene – “Mick has a way of knowing what to play, and more importantly, what not to play throughout the record. His guitar work is crisp but not overpowering, and his vocals emit the raw emotion he must have felt recording in his personal music epicenter.”

Elmore Mag – “This is straight-ahead vintage soul music that well reflects the FAME name and sound. Hayes is no pretender. He delivers the music with the right feel, precise phrasing, and solid arrangements. “

Americana Highways – “Mick’s vocals have all the intonation, phrasing & groove to sing these songs with the emphasis required.”

Radio airplay has been across the board from specialty shows like Gil Anthony’s show, Blues Power to Calvin Powers Americana Radio Show to West Coast Golden Hour to NICE Tunes Radio in Paris, France! Très Bien! 

Mick Hayes


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