John Lee Hooker Announces 2012 Presidential Candidacy Bid

John Lee Hooker, the dynamic and immortal bluesman who continues to be one of the most influential figures in music, has announced his official independent candidacy for presidency in 2012.

World's First Blues Music Comic Book Hits iPhones, iPods, And iPads,...

For the first time ever, the blues has come to life in a comic book!

American Blues Scene Begins Coverage of International Blues Challenge Tomorrow

American Blues Scene will be covering the event, as we do every year, and will be bringing you up-to-the-minute happenings, including band standings and various workshops on blues every day.

Handmade Music from Lance Lopez Makes U.S. Debut on March 6th

Blues Rocker Lance Lopez's new album "Handmade Music," has made it's long-awaited U.S. debut on MIG Music.

Mavis Staples to Headline Chicago Blues Fest

Chicago music legend will headline Chicago Blues Fest this summer, as tributes to the many fallen blues heroes of 2011 are planned.

Folklorist Alan Lomax’s Vast Collection Gets Digital Upgrade

The famed musicologist who made thousands of field recordings, discovering artists such from Muddy Waters to Woodie Guthrie, will finally have a vast amount of his collection freely available in digital format.

Beale Street’s Colorful History: Entertainment, Entrepreneurs, Murder & Blues

As thousands of blues fans descend on Beale Street for IBC, find rich & storied history of Beale!

Hellfire from Joe Louis Walker Raises Hell and Brings Fire

It's easy to see why Walker is collecting worldwide accolades, awards, fame, and recognition. It's only January and his new release, Hellfire, is almost certain to rank among the best albums of the year!

Gina Sicilia Launches KickStarter Campaign to Fund Fourth Studio Release

Gina Sicilia takes the next step on her musical journey by launching a KickStarter campaign, funding the completion of her fourth studio album, one that was started in 2009 with the help of Grammy-winning producer Glenn Barratt.

Tech Pan Alley – The Gibson Les Paul's Magical Tone

In the first edition of our new article series, we will be exploring the Gibson Les Paul, a guitar that quickly became the Holy Grail for blues guitarists because of it's unique tone, playability, feel and looks