Davy Jones, Monkees frontman, dies at 66

Davy Jones, the former Monkees front man and 60s teen idol, died unexpectedly of a heart attack Wednesday morning.

Blues Tools – Bigsby: Bending the Blues

Most people are familiar with the “whammy bar.” The most famous, Bigsby, has an awesome history and an even more awesome sound. Find out why, and how a motorcycle enthusiast changed music.

RIP Louisiana Red March 23rd, 1932- to February 25, 2012.

It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of one of the greatest and most beloved traditional blues artists.

Element-al Sound from Ludwig Drums

Ludwig is no stranger to the drum world. Having been in business since 1909, they know a thing or two when it comes to putting together a good kit.

Tech Pan Alley: The Wah Pedal

Following with our guitar signal path, here at Tech Pan Alley, we are now passing to the next stage, the stompboxes.

Win a FREE iPad/iPhone edition of the first digital Blues Comic...

Now you can win a copy of this down-home-tech-savvy blues adventure for yourself! American Blues Scene has two FREE downloads of The Blues: Midnight Adventure. Details within.

Blues Believers! Contino – Back Porch Dogma Review

Bring yourself up to Contino's Back Porch Dogma, and you’ll find a blues message to believe in!

President Obama sings the Blues

Last night, the White House turned into a legendary blues club, and the leader of the free world could not help but join in a little singing of an anthem about his home town.

The New Orleans Tremé and the Birth of Jazz

Jazz was born in Brass and bacon grease down in the Tremé . This year, The famed neighborhood celebrates the 200th anniversary of it's annexation into New Orleans.