July APD Winner -- Michael Powers FEATURED

Q&A with AirPlay Direct July Contest Winner Michael Powers

Every month, AirPlay Direct & American Blues Scene join to pick one incredible blues act. This month's Michael Powers was schooled by Jimmy Reed and toured with James Cotton! Check him out!
July AirPlay Direct Winner -- Michael Powers
July AirPlay Direct Winner — Michael Powers

Once every month, AirPlay Direct and American Blues Scene join together to pick one incredible, stand-out blues act  to feature on both Airplay Direct and the American Blues Scene network.

This month was the great Michael Powers, who was mentored by Jimmy Reed, toured with the great James Cotton during his high school years, and plays a unique blend of old school blues style touched with his deeply seeded British blues invasion influences to create a unique act that truly rocks.

We talk with Michael Powers about running home to practice what Jimmy Reed taught him, having a young Bruce Springsteen open for his tour with James Cotton, and showing up at a birthday party that turned out to be for Jimi Hendrix! Michael’s a standout blues act and has a world of interesting life experiences! Take a listen!

American Blues Scene Interview with Michael Powers

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