Robert Johnson Centennial Feature

Robert Johnson Centennial – Cream Plays "Crossroads"

With less than a week until Robert Johnson’s upcoming 100th birthday, we're releasing a series of videos and articles on Johnson. Today: Cream plays "Crossroads".

In honor of Robert Johnson’s upcoming 100th birthday, up to Johnson’s birthday on May 8th, we will be releasing a series of videos, songs, and articles on the iconic blues hero. A surprisingly wide range of artists in different time periods and genres have covered at least one of the only 27 songs Robert Johnson ever recorded. Today, with less than a week until Johnson’s birthday, Eric Clapton and Cream play arguably the most famous Robert Johnson cover to exist; “Crossroads”. Rather than the instantly identifiable studio track, this video is from Cream performing the smash hit, their biggest success, live at their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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