SOS: Trampled Under Foot Has Sound Trailer Stolen

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Trampled Under Foot Stolen Trailer
Trampled Under Foot's Stolen Trailer

Trampled Under Foot, the incredibly powerful, IBC-winning band was performing a show in Raytown, Missouri, below Kansas City, Missouri, when their trailer was stolen mid-show. Details, reposted from their website, are as follows:

Please help us find our stolen trailer. It is a 6′ x 12′ white Atlas trailer with a side door and fold/drop down back door. Our PA system and merchandise was in the trailer at the time it was stolen. It was stolen out of the Eclipse Bar & Grill parking lot in Raytown, MO (6512 Raytown Rd). It was stolen between 10:10pm and 10:20pm Wednesday night. The thieves were seen leaving the parking lot of The Eclipse AT SPEED. They were driving a black truck, possibly a Dodge or a Chevy.

If you have ANY information on the whereabouts, please contact us immediately.

UPDATE – Thurs 6/23 4:14pm

Below is a list of the contents in the trailer, we are alerting all music and pawn shops in the area so hopefully we can get our equipment back. We have also created numerous Craigslist postings to alert anybody that may be selling a trailer, PA equipment or TUF merchandise.

  • 2 x Yamaha 15″ mains
  • 2 x Yamaha 12″ monitors
  • Mackie 808M 8 channel mixer board – master volume knob missing
  • Black tub of 5 monster cables
  • Two black tubs of roughly 500 CDs (Wrong Side of the Blues, May I Be Excused and Live at Notodden)

Find any updates at Trampled Under Foot’s website, and if you feel so inclined, please share this on Facebook, Twitter, and with friends. It is always a blow to the blues and to musicians at large