Stephen Colbert Airs Previously Unseen Duet with John Prine Earmarked for Rainy Day

“We’ll probably do this for the internet. Unless, you know, something terrible happens and we have to cheer up the world on the TV show.” These are the portentous words of Stephen Colbert preceding a duet with John Prine back in 2016.

Their performance of “That’s the Way the World Goes Round,” filmed in the Ed Sullivan Theater, had not been broadcast until this latest at-home episode of The Late Show. 

Colbert unearths the clip with this statement: “I’d like to take a moment right now to send out a personal message to a friend. Last week, our friend and yours, the musical great John Prine was placed on a ventilator with coronavirus symptoms. My thoughts are with John and his wife, Fiona, and his family — and everybody out there touched by this virus. I’d like to share with you right now one of the happiest moments I’ve had on my show or any show. And that’s when John and I sang a duet in 2016 that we never broadcast, but we’d like to now. Happy enchilada, John”

Prine remains in stable condition.

Watch Prine and Colbert below:





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