Tyler Bryant Guitar

STOLEN GUITAR ALERT!!!!! Tyler Bryant Victimized by Thieves.

Tyler Bryant "Pinky" Strat
Tyler Bryant “Pinky” Strat

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This is from Tyler Bryant:



To all of our fans, WE NEED YOUR HELP!
We woke up this morning in Spokane Valley, Washington and all but one of our guitars had been stolen. Pinky, my main Fender Stratocaster was stolen along with my 1965 Gibson SG Junior. Graham’s VOS 57 Gibson Goldtop Les Paul and his 58 Sunburst Les Paul were stolen as well. The crook also helped himself to Noah’s black Gretsch bass guitar & Caleb’s Black Beauty snare drum. Can you guys please help us keep an eye on Craigslist & eBay? We gave the police all the serial numbers for our guitars, so hopefully they’ll turn up somewhere around here. I’m gonna start calling every pawn shop within a hundred mile radius as soon as we get our bearings. We are super bummed out today and could use some good vibes. I believe with all of my heart that these guitars will turn up. We love you guys. -tyler

We are working on getting some photos of these items but here is the list:

Pinky, Tyler’s main Fender Stratocaster

1965 Gibson SG Junior

VOS 57 Gibson Goldtop Les Paul

58 Sunburst Les Paul

Black Gretsch bass

Black Beauty snare drum

Here is a video that shows “Pinky”

Instagram photo of “Pinky”


BCNTUn-CIAEKfBM.jpg large

BCNSNxvCEAAsKlE.jpg large

Picture on the left are Graham’s guitars.

Please check Tyler’s Facebook page for more info and contact information:

Tyler Bryant Facebook


Tyler Bryant Stolen Guitars.jpg
Tyler Bryant Stolen Guitars

Here’s some more pics of the guitars: Click Here


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