The Record Company Engage and Entertain at Metro Chicago

Seeing The Record Company live is an event not to be missed!

Touring the states through November 22nd, The Record Company will wrap up in their 32-date tour in their hometown Los Angeles. They have much to celebrate. Aside from the first chance to get back on the road since the pandemic, they are armed with great material from their just released Play Loud CD on Concord Records. And the fans have been wildly responsive. The single “How High” is getting traction, peaking last month on Billboard’s Adult Alternative Airplay.

Additionally, during lockdown they produced an EP of cover songs titled Side Projects – of which the band performed their smashing version of Big Mama Thornton’s “Ball and Chain” live.

Seeing them live is an event not to be missed. Frontman, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Vos, along with Alex Stiff (bass/guitar), and quiet but formable Marc Cazorla (drums) are tight. Expanding their sounds on stage are keyboardist Wesley Flowers and guitarist/bassist Johnny Elkins. Vos stands out as a formidable front man. He engages and entertains the crowd like few can. Keep an eye on this band. Get Play Loud here.

*All images: © Phil Solomonson / Philamonjaro Studio

Set List from Chicago’s Metro Concert:

Life to Fix (All of This Life)

Hard Day Coming Down (Give It Back to You)  (All of This Life)

Never Leave You  (Play Loud)

Ball & Chain – Big Mama Thornton (Side Projects)

So Whatcha Want – Beastie Boys

The Movie Song (All of This Life)

Out of My Head  (Play Loud)

On the Move  (All of This Life)

Lady Lida  (Play Loud)

Paradise  (Play Loud)

Baby I’m Broken  (All of This Life)

Today Forever  (Play Loud)

In the Mood for You  (Give It Back to You)

Rita Mae Young (Give It Back to You)

How High (Play Loud)

Live at One (Play Loud)

Off the Ground (Give It Back to You)

I’m Getting Better (and I’m Feeling it Right Now)


This Crooked City (Give It Back to You)

Boom Boom -John Lee Hooker



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