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"Spokane Blues" by Tyler Bryant

During an interview in Spokane about his stolen equipment, Tyler Bryant came up with a song about the town that was featured on local TV, but the news had some thoughts of their own...

Tyler Bryant GuitarDuring an interview on KREM TV in Spokane, Tyler Bryant, who recently just had over $20,000 worth of gear stolen in this northeast Washington, made up a song called “Spokane Blues”. It was a light-hearted jab, aimed more at themselves for not taking their gear inside, than it was against Spokane. Tyler told the American Blues Scene that the reporter asked to see the guitar that didn’t get stolen and that’s when he made up the tune.

That didn’t stop KREM TV from stealing a page from the book of over-sensationalism in journalism.

From the KREM TV Facebook page.

“A Colorado band passing through Spokane had four of their five guitars stolen along with drums—up to $25,000 worth of equipment. Now they’re angry. On KREM 2 News at 6:00 hear the song they wrote today bashing Spokane as they hunted for their stuff. Do you think Spokane deserves this bad characterization?”

Angry? Where did they get that from? Surely not from Tyler. He’s been absolutely gracious throughout this whole ordeal.

Here’s Tyler’s response.

“We have nothing against Spokane Valley, Washington. We did an interview with KREM to spread the word about our stolen guitars and I made up a little song on the spot to try and bring some humor to a cruddy situation. It was misinterpreted by KREM. In my song I said “don’t leave your guitars in the van, or man that’s what you get.” ….I was taking responsibility for what had happened. What happened to us could’ve happened anywhere. We just want our guitars back.”

Here’s the video: We’d love to hear what you think.

We’ve watched the video ourselves and obviously this was a joke.

Click here to view Tyler’s stolen guitars





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