Watch Alice Howe’s Video for “Getaway Car”

Video takes a joyride through the singer's hometown of Boston behind the wheel of her beloved 1989 Volvo 240

Alice Howe, rising voice in modern folk, has premiered a video for her original song, “Getaway Car.” The video features the singer behind the wheel, joyriding through her hometown of Boston in her beloved 1989 Volvo 240, affectionately dubbed “Jane.” The song is off of Howe’s debut LP, Visions, released in 2019 and produced by Freebo.

“Getaway Car” taught me how to let go,” says Howe. “I tend toward more serious, reflective songs, and this one is big, it’s playful, and it stands out on the record.  Because it’s a departure from my norm, learning how to sing it was a journey for me. I learned to relax and just enjoy it, releasing self-consciousness and getting into the groove.”

 “As a singer, I had to match the energy of the track. Freebo, the album’s producer and my co-writer on this song, brought in his friend Lee Thornburg (Tower of Power) for the horn arrangement, and together the trumpet, trombone, tenor and baritone saxophones are a powerful addition. The whole band is right there with them. Fuzzbee Morse answers my vocal with his electric guitar, John ‘JT’ Thomas’ Hammond B3 solo channels Booker T., and Freebo holds it down on the fretless bass. We channel the same energy that fueled the writing of the song, where Freebo and I spent the evening tossing ideas back and forth, laughing as each metaphor became more obvious than the last. You can hear it in my laugh at the end – this song is all about having a good time.”

 “For the video, I met up with Boston videographer Brandon Johnson and together we took a day-long joy ride. I moved to Los Angeles last spring, and for a while I considered shooting the video out there, renting some gorgeous vintage car and making a dreamy Hollywood video, all sunshine and palm trees. But the more I thought about it, I realized this had to be a Boston video. It’s about skipping town, leaving the mundane behind, and for me, the most honest place to show that was in my hometown. I realized I already had the perfect getaway car, my 1989 Volvo 240 wagon, “Jane.” I’ve always had a special place in my heart for 240s. My parents drove them when I was growing up, and to me they just epitomize this funky, classic aesthetic that I adore.”

Alice Howe’s Visions is a contemporary love letter to 60s and 70s folk and timeless blues. It pays homage without succumbing to imitation, and offers an intimate snapshot of a young artist discovering her own power. Produced by Freebo with a stellar cast of musicians in Bakersfield, California, Visions is a collection of new originals alongside Alice’s interpretations of iconic songs from her family’s vast record collection.

Alice Howe


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