World Premiere Track: Bobby Rush “Bowlegged Woman”

"Bowlegged Woman" is from the upcoming Bobby Rush album 'Sitting on Top of the Blues,' due out August 16th via his own Deep Rush Records and distributed by Thirty Tigers.

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“I’m sitting on top of the blues. I’m a bluesman who’s sitting on the top of my game, proud of what I do and proud of who I am and thankful for people accepting me for what I am and who I am,” says the charismatic Bobby Rush. “I’m happy about what I’m doing and still enthused about what I’m doing. And I think we’ve got some good songs.”


Sitting on Top of the Blues is the upcoming album from the Blues Hall of Famer, scheduled for release August 16th via Deep Rush Records/Thirty Tigers. Bobby’s brand-new album promises to further spread the news that this revered legend, well past 80 years of age even if his stratospheric energy level belies the calendar, is bigger and badder and bolder than ever.

Sitting on Top of the Blues is the 75th career release, and 26th studio album from the Grammy-winning Rush. Decades on the Chitlin’ Circuit have kept his performance chops keen as a razor, and his performances, as well as song lyrics, just as bawdy and brazen. Take for example the album’s funky, final track, “Bowlegged Woman.”

“Bowlegged woman you can visualize that it’s easy to get to. She don’t have to open her legs, she’s just bowlegged,” Rush told us. “She don’t have anything to do, just walk up to her. Bowlegged woman and knock-need man, you put them together it spells ox…you put them together and you see how they go hand in hand. Wherever I go I find a bowlegged woman, whether it’s Kansas City or anywhere.”

*Feature image Bill Steber