World Premiere Video: Chloe Kay and The Crusade ‘Just Got Burned’

"This is our first music video and I feel it showcases the fierce and playful energies of the song perfectly."

Chloe Kay and The Crusade‘s debut studio release, “Just Got Burned,” was born after an ill-fated romance inspired a soul-searching song writing session with the band’s guitarist Lucas Diniz. A strong guitar riff and some fierce and reflective lyrics later “Just Got Burned” became an ode to cutting your losses and taking back control! 

As COVID hit guitarist Lucas was forced to head back home to Brazil so the band, determined to track a song with their beloved bandmate, managed to get together for a recording session at Parliament Studios. Together with Garnet Meekings on drums, Johnatan Fassio on bass, and Tim Hans on keys the group tracked the single in one day with sound engineer and studio owner Nathaniel Sjarif. 

Of the video, Chloe tells ABS:

I met director Antoine Mikeo mid last year just after the boys and I had recorded ‘Just Got Burned’. I immediately liked his work so we chatted for a few hours about what our visions were for a potential video and decided to partner up and take the viewer on a journey rather than just have an aesthetically pleasing clip. 

For me the single always evoked imagery of road tripping in a gorgeous classic car, pulling up to a gas station and seeing long legged hunnies ala ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Lovin'” video so we tried to incorporate as many of those elements as we could. My style is really rooted in 1960s and 70s fashion so we took great inspiration from that for the video and got in lots of vibrant colours.

The storyline follows the theme of the song – getting some lovin’ and being burned, all the while having fun and looking good. There’s a bad guy (or two), some gorgeous women, hula hooping and a seriously sexy car. It took us three days to film and we shot in a few different locations across Sydney. 

We’re super excited about the way the clip has come out; Antoine and his crew did such a standout job, as did all our friends and family who acted alongside us. This is our first music video and I feel it showcases the fierce and playful energies of the song perfectly. After a few months in the making it’s a great feeling to finally have the video out in the world.

Editor’s note: We are proud to have Chloe as part of the ABS family. Check out her author page here.


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