Ana Popovic Scores a Hat Trick with "Trilogy"

With Trilogy, Popovic has created her masterpiece, one that critics and fans will find powerful, entertaining, and inspiring.


Why do we rush to buy a new album as soon as it is available?  Why do we feel more connected to any particular artist whether it is Elvis or The Beatles or Hendrix?  Why do we go and see one artist more times than others? It’s not just that that particular artist is our favorite, or even that they put on a better show than others.  It is simply because the artist’s music connects with us.  A great musician has the ability to compose, play, and sing not only the lyrics and notes, but to connect with fans.  Ana Popovic has connected in a big way with her latest album, Trilogy, a three disc set that is destined to be a huge success!

One of the hardest working musicians in the industry today, Popovic dropped her most recent release, Trilogy on May 20, 2016, to the delight of legions of fans.  Trilogy is her third album in the last four years and it is a brilliant snapshot of where she is now; her thinking, her technique, and her playing passion. Trilogy is a three-disc album, with each disc sporting a different genre of music.  On their own, each in its own way shows why Popovic is on her own tier in the blues today.

Morning, the first of three discs, features nine new gems for your listening pleasure. Songs here that we loved include “Love You Tonight,” a sexy high octane song with a groovy horn section that will make you want to strut out to the dance floor and show off your moves.  The guitar licks here are a testimony to why Popovic is so respected for her playing.

Ana Popovic and Joe Bonamassa join forces on “Train,” a perfect example of an instant classic, a song we play again and again.  Opening with a fast paced riff on the keys, the song slows down about four seconds in and Bonamassa’s guitar is a perfect compliment to Ana’s voice.  “Train” showcases Popovic’s ability to have a softer and sweeter side to her singing.

Midday, is disc two of Trilogy, brings us seven performances to feed our blues fix. This disc is the perfect anchor to what is a masterfully constructed three volume set. Opening with “You Got the Love,” fans are treated to guitar lines that are perfectly executed, and seemingly effortless.  It’s a guarantee that fans will be turning this up whenever it comes on!  “Johnnie Ray” is a beautiful song about hurting someone and asking for forgiveness. It has a slow steady pulse in the background that will have listeners tapping their feet in no time at all.

Midnight, the final disc of of Trilogy, features Popovic in a different setting than fans are used to encountering her in. This disc consists of seven new jazz tunes.  Most fans know Ana Popovic as a master blues singer and guitarist, but with here she shows she is as comfortable playing jazz as she is playing blues.

Opening with “New Coat of Paint,” listeners will be able to picture themselves in a New York City or Chicago club, couples tearing up the dance floor to a swing band that is absolutely on fire!  “Waiting On You” tells a story that all of us are familiar with, waiting for the one we love to return those same feelings.  The beauty of this song is that Popovic presents us with two versions of it.  A slower version earlier on the disc and then at blistering upbeat tempo.  This track is sure to become an instant hit. “In a Sentimental Mood” is the ultimate slow dance song! Whether the last song of the evening at a club, or at home with the lights turned low, enjoying a dance with your sweetheart, this is a song that stays with us.

Every artist has a masterpiece; a representation of who they are, and how they view themselves.  Michelangelo brought the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to life with his vision. Leonardo gave the world the eternally mystical smile of the Mona Lisa, and Van Gogh delighted us with Starry Night.  With Trilogy, Popovic has created her masterpiece, one that critics and fans will find powerful, entertaining, and inspiring.

Ana Popovic


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