The Reverend Shawn Amos Podcast Accepted Into Blues Archive

“I’m so grateful to the University of Mississippi for giving these podcasts a home.” – The Reverend Shawn Amos

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‘The Beat Goes On’ for Celebrated UK Singer, Songwriter and Road Warrior Sean Taylor

“My new album, ‘The Beat Goes On,’ offers light to darkness. It covers the themes of love, beauty, hope and nature, and sets these in opposition to sadness, loss, fear, and hurt. ‘The Beat’ draws on blues, soul, folk, jazz, Americana, and roots music.” – Sean Taylor

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Katie Henry Premieres Video for Blues Stomp Title Track ‘On My Way’

“Persevering despite setbacks is difficult, but this song helps me channel the strength that is needed to do it.”

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Remembering George Harrison

As we remember George Harrison twenty years later we should remember both his spirituality and his humor.

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Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist Jamie Olson Shares Video for Jimmy Reed-Fashioned ‘One Wicked Mother’

Watch the video for working blues song “One Wicked Mother.”

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Shall We Dance? A Conversation with Husband-and-Wife Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

Conversations with iconic duo Larry and Teresa are like an open jam where two guitarists vamp off each other, or a first date where a couple clicks and both people know and trust the time together is magic.

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World Premiere Video From GRAMMY Nominee Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

As Monk tells it, the song comes from his mother’s words, as he was growing up: “She used to tell me that all the time when I was a kid. She used to say ‘Shut up, you think you be a preacher?’ Ha ha ha. She always said the right thing.”

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10 Songs About Food For Thanksgiving and One Truly Thankful One

Today we offer you 10 of our favorite songs about food, and an additional one about giving thanks. Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Now, let’s eat!

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Alice’s Restaurant: A Thanksgiving Musical Tradition

If Woody Guthrie captured the heart of the working man’s lot in life and foreshadowed “the folk scare” of the early ’60s, then Arlo Guthrie gave warmth, humor and an Everyman perspective that reached a much larger demographic with his style and youthful exuberance.

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