Yusuf/Cat Stevens Returns With ‘The Laughing Apple’

'The Laughing Apple' follows the common ‘60s template of combining newly-written songs with a number of covers.

World Premiere: Jimmy Carpenter’s “You Belong To Me”

"One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite Chicago Blues men, the great Magic Sam."

Levon Helm Memorial Planned in Marvell Arkansas

It's where Helm worked the family cotton farm, learned his love of music, and was exposed to all the musical influences of the Arkansas delta.

Mt. Zion Memorial Fund Preserves Delta Legacy One Project At a...

"In another instance, a farmer removed the headstones from a cemetery, plowed over the land and planted cotton in place of the markers..."

Sam Cooke’s Brother L.C. Cooke Dead at 84

“It’s with a sad heart that I inform you of the passing of our great friend L.C. Cooke whose talents, humanity and charm we shall all miss.”

Dan Zanes Brings Lead Belly To a New Generation

Dan Zanes and Friends' 'Lead Belly, Baby!' features Chuck D., Billy Bragg, Valerie June, and more.

Eli Cook Delivers on ‘High Dollar Gospel’

Cook's rendering of Muddy Waters' "Can't Lose What You Never Had" is slow and deep, and his Dan McCafferty evoking vocal shook us to our core.

Gospel Artist Judy Paster to Release Americana EP

Paster's personal mission has been a mixture of finely crafted songs, that demonstrate not only her artistry and skill, but sometimes convey her faith.

Taylor Kropp is ‘Coming Up For Air’

With his solo debut, Kropp steps to the front of the stage from the wings, and begins his own story.

Keeping the Mississippi Blues Legacy Alive and Relevant

"We have to make the area and our culture, and our history relevant to young people. It has to tie into current day amenities in some form or fashion."