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This is the all-encompassing section to review anything music-related.

Altered Five Blues Band Mitchell Miller

Altered Five Blues Band is ‘Charmed & Dangerous’

We'll suffice it to say that 'Charmed & Dangerous' is on our list of the best blues release of the year.

Low Society’s ‘Sanctified’ is a Modern Blues Masterpiece

'Sanctified' is a modern masterpiece of blues music. The talented team behind this album poured their heart and soul into every track...

John Mayer’s The Search for Everything Tour Is a Blast

The performance is split, with a full band set, an acoustic set, and his Trio.

Bon Bon Vivant: A Delightful Slice of New Orleans

Bon Bon Vivant, an up-and-coming New Orleans Gypsy Jazz band, have issued their charming first album, 'Paint & Pageantry.'

Laura Tate Thrills with ‘Let’s Just Be Real’

'Let’s Just Be Real' is a smooth blend of reimagined classics and original material.

Eli Cook Delivers on ‘High Dollar Gospel’

Cook's rendering of Muddy Waters' "Can't Lose What You Never Had" is slow and deep, and his Dan McCafferty evoking vocal shook us to our core.
Taylor Kropp Promotional Photo Website 1

Taylor Kropp is ‘Coming Up For Air’

With his solo debut, Kropp steps to the front of the stage from the wings, and begins his own story.
Hector Anchondo Band Promo Photo 2017

Hector Anchondo Rolls the Dice With Latest Release

From the very beginning, 'Roll the Dice' grabbed us firmly by the earholes, and never let go.

Mr. Sipp Thrills with ‘Knock A Hole In It’

While staying true to classic blues influences he has managed to put a modern spin on the genre...

‘I Am the Blues’ Rediscovers National Treasures

"Everyone has a particular first-hand life experience but this particular segregated, sharecropping, slavery-type experience ends at that generation."
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