Delta Blues Legend "Mississippi Marvel" Passes

The Mississippi Marvel - The World Must Never Know
The Mississippi Marvel - The World Must Never Know

It is with deep regret that we must report on the passing of The Mississippi Marvel, an outstanding blues artist who recorded for delta blues label Broke and Hungry Records for the last several years. Marvel was 81 years old.

The bluesman was a deacon at a conservative church that did not appreciate secular music. To respect his separation between the music and his church, his true identity was never publicly revealed. His dual (and conflicting) roles as a bluesman and a church deacon led to the widespread use a pseudonym when discussing him in public. Out of respect for his family and his church, that request will continue to be honored. As a result, a full obituary will not be published.

His name, “Mississipi Marvel,” is reminiscent of an earlier delta blues legend who’s record label originally used the handle: Charley Patton.

In 2008, Broke & Hungry Records released his debut CD, “The World Must Never Know.” Later that year he appeared in the documentary film “M For Mississippi,” where he appeared with his image blurred to protect his identity. “I was fortunate to work with him over the past several years,” said Jeff Konkel of Broke & Hungry. “Farewell to a great artist and a gentle soul.”

Find Marvel’s “Waterboy Waterboy” at Soundcloud

You can find the Mississippi Marvel’s music at Broken & Hungry