Katie Henry Finds Another Gear on Forthcoming ‘On My Way’

"One of my hopes for the album is that it will strengthen that voice of hope and determination in people when they listen to it." - Katie Henry

Katie Henry is pleased to announce the January 28th release of On My Way via indie blues giant Ruf Records.

Leading up to the new release was Henry’s 2018 debut, the Blues Blast and IBMA-nominated High Road. What followed was a starburst of media acclaim.

Now, with her sophomore release, On My Way, Katie has found another gear. Whether slinging her trusty Gibson SG, hammering the keys, or hollering up a storm, these ten original songs, co-written with bassist and slide-guitarist Antar Goodwin, announced her as an alchemist who creates gemstones from the base metals of American roots.

The title track is a foot-stomping, electrified ass-kicker. A perfect way to start things off. “Empty Cup” has a sweet, New Orleans backstreet feel, like buskers off the main thoroughfares.

Things turn up with “Without a Fight.” Henry’s crisp, clean vocals over the top of a drum tight rhythm section and incendiary guitar. Perhaps my favorite track is another stomper. “Bury You” could just as easily been played on a Mississippi front porch as in the studio. The guitar is grungy and beautiful and the lyrics relevant.

On My Way is the profoundly personal second album on which Henry gives you her beat-up heart. The album, recorded in May 2021 at Brooklyn’s Degraw Sound, was produced by Ben Rice (guitarist.) In addition, Antar Goodwin (bass/slide guitar,) Kurt Thum (piano/organ,) Greg Wieczorek (drums/percussion,) plus British harp ace Giles Robson fleshed out the line-up.

“Setting Sun” is a palette-cleansing ballad that shows Henry’s range, while “Got Me Good” reminded me of early Eagles tracks. That music of the early 70s that was first mashing country and rock together. You remember. The acoustic “Blessings” contains some great piano work from Thum.

Giles Robson lays down some downright evil harp on “Too Long,” a track on which Katie’s vocals sound eerily similar to a former Ruf artist, Samantha Fish. A juicy lead guitar solo takes the song out with Robson’s harmonica ever present in the background. “Running Round,” is another laid back track that builds nicely about the 2:40 mark. Nice guitar on this one as well, but as much in the foreground as on other songs.

The album tells a story of perseverance, which has been a main theme in my life and especially my musical journey. Quieting the voice of doubt and strengthening the voice that says ‘Ya know what? I can do this!’ is something that I am constantly putting into practice. One of my hopes for the album is that it will strengthen that voice of hope and determination in people when they listen to it.

Henry’s eyes are firmly on the horizon. “Catch Me if You Can,” she sings on the closing track of the same name, and it’s not just a challenge to her peers but an invitation to her growing army of fans as she forges ahead. “A lot of these songs are about letting go,” she considers. “And how scary, but ultimately liberating, it can be.”

There is no sophomore slump for Henry with On My Way. This is a tremendous follow-up expressing even more of Katie’s genre-bending talent than High Road. As a singer, guitarist, and songwriter Katie Henry is shooting for the moon and the worst that can happen is she’ll land among the stars.



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