The Cooper Brothers' "In From The Cold"

2020 TBBF 728×90

Cooper Brothers - In From The ColdWe remember The Cooper Brothers from their past hits the singles “The Dream Never Dies”, “Show Some Emotion” and “I’ll Know Her When I See Her”, all charted on The Billboard Hot 100. The band has had production assistance in the past from non-other than Les Emmerson (of the Canadian rock group Five Man Electrical Band, best known for the popular 70’s anthem “Signs”). This time out production wizard, Colin Linden leads the band through twelve tracks that weave their way into your sensibilities. “Gunshy” sets the pace and wets the pallet for more. “62 Fairlane” and “Jukebox” (featuring Delbert McClinton) make you want to kick up your heels. Dan Dugmore strikes the melancholy tone on pedal steel with support from Jim Cuddy and Colin Linden on “Hard Luck”. The Canadian sense of humour is evident with “That’s What Makes Us Great”, a tribute to all things that make the Northern neighbours different from their ‘cousins’ to the South. Danceable “Paradise Pie” harks back to the days when the brothers were in LA signed with Capricorn Records before it folded in 1980. The romantic declaration “Our Love Deserves Better “, is one of those love songs that we can all relate to and is sung with pleading passion by Brian Cooper. Throughout, Colin Linden lends an able hand with finishing touches on guitar, mandolin, acoustic, 12-string electric, and baritone guitar. Some of the riffs on “Tear Down The Walls” are familiar on this cautionary tale of living in present day Mexico. The summation track of “Little Blue Church” culminates with, “… no matter where life takes you, no matter what you think you’ve done, it’s about forgiving and forgetting and for Gods sakes having fun.” It is good to hear the strength and harmonies from the Cooper Brothers again, along with long-time band mate Ed Bimm, on Wurlitzer.