Walter Trout's Wife Discusses the Time Bomb of Waiting for an Organ Transplant

2020 TBBF 728×90

From Marie Trout: Walter Trout has been hospitalized for over two months, in and out of the ICU, and has been ill for over a year with end-stage liver disease. His liver is progressively failing, and he is constantly on the edge of survival. Talk about living the blues! He lives with the knowledge that no matter what he does, no matter what his doctors do, no matter where he goes, he is dependent on something that is extremely elusive: Organ availability! We simply don’t have enough people who have signed up. The Blues has come callin’ for Walter (as his newest album is called due out early June). But in this video the focus is to raise awareness for organ donation. We can do this, people! To have to wait for an organ to become available is something that can happen to us too, or to people we love. And to have to wait for months when the body is failing is like playing Russian roulette: You can die at any moment, knowing there is a cure – it was just not able to get to you in time in the form of a needed organ. Please follow the link and sign up – and help spread awareness about this issue by sharing the video.

Walter Trout on YouCaring