100,000 Fans and Visitors – An American Blues Scene Milestone

The American Blues Scene has surpassed a milestone 100,000 visitors in 2011. Thanks to all of our readers for their loyal support!
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When two humble blues enthusiasts set out to create the most reliable, professional online news source focusing on blues music, we weren’t expecting this trip to take us quite so far so fast. The American Blues Scene recently surpassed a milestone 100,000 visitors to the site in 2011, and we continue to be humbled and honored that so many fine blues fans and music enthusiasts at large have chosen American Blues Scene as their source for all things blues. Month after month, we’re continually and pleasantly surprised to find that more fans of the blues manage to find their way to our pages than the month before.

We’ve talked with and covered a number of amazing blues music artists, both young and old, labels, blues researchers, actors, festivals, photographers, doctors, and blues artists of other mediums; painters, sculptures, and creators of art. Each has been exceptionally interesting and fascinating, and we eagerly look forward to continuing our mission of bringing forth the best, latest and most interesting stories in the blues, both old and new, in all of the blues’ diverse genres. After all, without such a varied and rich history, without the many artists in the last 100 years that have and continue to work so hard to hone their crafts, without the millions of people touched by magic of the blues, not only would this site not exist, but the state of music, as scary as it currently is, would be a far more destitute without the blues as it’s heartbeat.

Time and again, we’ve discovered that the blues community at large is filled with remarkable, enthusiastic people who, through their shared passion for the music, are beyond supportive, go out of their way to help one another, and enjoy each other’s company, whether through playing or enjoying music, or supporting the blues in all of it’s many facets. It’s this kind of passion for music that we’re continually striving to capture and share, and by doing this, we hope to keep doing our small part in perpetuating the joy, wonder, emotion, and soul that blues music brings.



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