Chaz Depolo - Bluestopia

"Bluestopia" by Chaz DePaolo is an excellent piece of work

From the great New York City blues player Chaz DePaolo comes "Bluestopia"

Chaz Depolo - BluestopiaI really enjoyed the packaging for this 9 song release called “Bluestopia”,. The CD looks just like an old 45 record and I had to do a double take for a second. I have a certain friend prodding me a little to get back into vinyl, maybe this was another sign!

Blue Skunk Music recording artist, Chaz DePaolo is an internationally acclaimed Blues/Rock artist who is really coming into his own and his collaborations are basically a who’s who in the world of blues music.
Chaz uses his horn and keys section in all the right spots on “Bluestopia”, his 4th release, providing some additional flavor to a very tasty selection of tunes. The Sax work on Track 3 “Woman In A Black Dress” fits perfectly with the tune. The piano work on that one ain’t too shabby either. That song leads right into an instrumental tune called “Look At That Girl” that definitely highlights some stellar bass and piano work.

The 5th song on “Bluestopia” seems to be a total throwback, “No More Doggin'” is simply a rocking blues tune, just meat and potatoes, nothing is over done. “Pearly Gates” is track 6 and is as traditional as anything I have heard lately. I will venture a guess that anyone who fancies themselves a blues purist will love this tune and if you love the sound of the slide guitar, you will love this. The Hammond B3 sound on track 7 was nicely done and provided a very interesting texture to that song. Chaz is a wonderful singer and he belts out these tunes with little or no effort. The last song on here is called “Slideadelica” and it is all over the place, from the awesome harmonica work of Jason Ricci, Bob Platt’s splendid Hammond B3 stylings, Robert Chaseman’s killer Saxophone and some healthy slide guitar work provided by Chaz. That cut seals the deal and takes us home nicely.

From beginning to end “Bluestopia” is an excellent piece of work and I would highly recommend picking up a copy of it. Another 5 bluestar release here.

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By Glen Casebeer/Northwest Music Scene

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