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This is the all-encompassing section to review anything music-related.

Joe Satriani’s 2018 G3 Tour Kickoff Delivers

Satriani's excitement, animation, and wild facial expressions engaged the crowd throughout his performance.
Pinetop Perkins "Heaven"

Pinetop Perkins' Heaven

The Grammy winning Pinetop Perkins' final contribution is both touching and wonderful to listen to.

Boz Scaggs' "Memphis" Has Soul

This is very much an album of atmosphere and mood. It is textured, but also ballsy in a quiet, understated way. Sublime. The players sound great, and Scaggs is smoother than ever.

Eden Brent soars on “Ain’t Got No Troubles”

Eden Brent is the "blues diva" boogie piano master who's been all over the blues scene for the past few years. Last year, Eden won the Pinetop Perkins Piano Award from the Blues Foundation, and one listen to her latest album "Ain't Got No Troubles" will quickly show any listener exactly why.
Nick Moss - Priviledged album cover

Nick Moss's "Privileged" simply rocks

Nick Moss has been well known for playing a traditionally-steeped Chicago blues for years, but his latest album, "Privileged", is blues with a distinctive rock flair.

Paradise Kings Give Us a ‘Controlled Burn’

The Paradise Kings play blues that's rockabilly, and blues that swings. They play with passion, and they play well.
Mill Block Blues - Ruff Kutt Blues Band

"Mill Block Blues" by Ruff Kutt Blues Band, an Instant Classic

Not only is Mill Block Blues generating thousands of dollars for the Handy Artist Relief Trust to help blues musicians in need, it is an excellent album with an all-star Texas cast. Fun to listen to and expertly made, it's got the magic!
Starlight Campbell Blueberry Pie Album

Starlite Campbell Band Serve Up a Delicious ‘Blueberry Pie’

With Cambell's tight as a tick guitar, Starlite's deep, funky bass and their combined natural vocals, this pie is delicious to the very last.
Eric Johnson Band Feature

Eric Johnson Rocks the Voodoo in Kansas City

Many times as a tour winds down, performers may begin to show a little road weariness. Not so with Eric Johnson.

Mark Harrison’s “The World Outside” is a Work of Art

What’s so great about the album is that it paints images in your mind. You get these beautiful, folk ballads and old fashioned sounding folk songs, and they leave you with pictures...
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