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Music Reviews

This is the all-encompassing section to review anything music-related.

Robi Zonca

So Good by Robi Zonca, is indeed, so good

A masterful blend of rhythm and blues, jazz, and rock, Robi Zonca has kicked out his fifth CD since 2003.
John Primer at the Blues Music Award-winning Chan's Eggrolls and Jazz in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

John Primer Brings Taste of Chicago to Chan's Eggrolls and Jazz

When it comes to Mississippi-born bluesmen who plied their trade in Chicago when blues was still king, there aren't many left in 2013. "If you didn't have a good time tonight it's your own damn fault!"
Pinetop Perkins "Heaven"

Pinetop Perkins' Heaven

The Grammy winning Pinetop Perkins' final contribution is both touching and wonderful to listen to.
bluZ group photo from the band's facebook page

BluZ Unleashes ‘Unlocked’

Skillfully crafted lyrics combined with masterful music make Unlocked a must have album.

The "Rolling Soul" Of Hadden Sayers

Hadden Sayers had made his success the hard way; he has earned it. He has talent and he's honed that talent playing over 200 gigs a year. He has persisted in the face of shady deals, less than honest agents, and crooked record labels. But above everything else is his love of soul, desire to succeed, and dedication to playing some seriously mean guitar.

Walter Trout's "Common Ground" Knocks the Blues on it's Ear!

Typically, if it says "Walter Trout", it's going to be good. "Common Ground" exceeds all of those expectations!
Nick Moss - Priviledged album cover

Nick Moss's "Privileged" simply rocks

Nick Moss has been well known for playing a traditionally-steeped Chicago blues for years, but his latest album, "Privileged", is blues with a distinctive rock flair.
Brick City Blues Fest FEATURED

Brick City Blues Fest — Helping Charity & Rockin' the Blues

In a small community, how do you raise money for charity and have a good time doing it?
GravelRoad - Psychedelta

GravelRoad "Psychedelta" is Cutting Edge

The former T Model Ford band have struck a raw, gritty goldmine with the release of their latest. As you struggle to define it, you'll find yourself enjoying gritty, incredible delta blues -- with a twist.

Walter Trout's "Battle Scars" Is the Story of Fighting His Way Back

This is by far one of the best records he has gifted his fans with, and the growth he shows here in writing and playing is phenomenal.
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