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Music Reviews

This is the all-encompassing section to review anything music-related.

Walter Trout's "Battle Scars" Is the Story of Fighting His Way Back

This is by far one of the best records he has gifted his fans with, and the growth he shows here in writing and playing is phenomenal.
Sugar Brown Mark Maryanovich Feature

Sugar Brown Declares ‘It’s a Blues World’

By day, Ken Kawashima is Associate Professor of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. By night, and on this record, he is Sugar Brown, a modern-day bluesman with a soul as old as the genre itself.
Steve Krase Publicity Photo on Beale Street Memphis

Steve Krase Rocks It Again – We ‘Should’ve Seen It Coming’

He likes it hard, fast, and loud. With that thought, his new release, 'Should've Seen it Coming,' delivers in spades.

Mystic Bowie’s ‘Talking Dreads’ is a Talking Heads Tribute – Reggae Style

But this is no ordinary cover project. “Talking Dreads is much more than a cover band,” Bowie says.

Lance Lopez shows off his major skills with “SALVATION FROM SUNDOWN”

Lance Lopez got an early start on his career as a guitarist, and has been a professional musician since the age of 14, when he began playing local bars in and around New Orleans. His latest album shows off his skills.
Buddy Guy - Rhythm and Blues FEATURED

Buddy Guy's "Rhythm & Blues": Earth-Shaking Blues with the Best of Friends

Chicago Blues giant Buddy Guy knows how to make an album. Set for release on July 30th, his 77th birthday, Guy's 2-disc "Rhythm & Blues" is a leading-edge, powerful achievement from the biggest name in the blues... with a little help from some seriously talented friends.

Candye Kane is "Coming Out Swingin'"

If you like swing and jump style blues, you will love this album. The musicianship here is first rate, as are Kane's vocals. This album is well written, well produced, and well played.

Sterling Ball, John Ferraro, & Jim Cox Are ‘The Mutual Admiration Society’

The idea was for a group of close musical friends to have fun recording an album. Nailed it!
Johnny Winter at Toads Place, Connecticut FEATURED

Johnny Winter Rockin’ the Blues Like No Other

Winter tore down the house at New Haven’s Toad’s Place on a recent Friday night, a modest bar and dance club surrounded by the dormitories of Yale University.
Cee Cee James FEATURED

Live Volcano!

This active vocal volcano with a heart is an amazing live performance, and the smaller the venue the better. Be prepared to be swallowed up in vocal lava!
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