RIP Louisiana Red March 23rd, 1932- to February 25, 2012.

It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of one of the greatest and most beloved traditional blues artists.

Element-al Sound from Ludwig Drums

Ludwig is no stranger to the drum world. Having been in business since 1909, they know a thing or two when it comes to putting together a good kit.

Tech Pan Alley: The Wah Pedal

Following with our guitar signal path, here at Tech Pan Alley, we are now passing to the next stage, the stompboxes.

Win a FREE iPad/iPhone edition of the first digital Blues Comic...

Now you can win a copy of this down-home-tech-savvy blues adventure for yourself! American Blues Scene has two FREE downloads of The Blues: Midnight Adventure. Details within.

Blues Believers! Contino – Back Porch Dogma Review

Bring yourself up to Contino's Back Porch Dogma, and you’ll find a blues message to believe in!

President Obama sings the Blues

Last night, the White House turned into a legendary blues club, and the leader of the free world could not help but join in a little singing of an anthem about his home town.

The New Orleans Tremé and the Birth of Jazz

Jazz was born in Brass and bacon grease down in the Tremé . This year, The famed neighborhood celebrates the 200th anniversary of it's annexation into New Orleans.

Students travel to White House to meet President, talk Blues Music

American Blues Scene was on hand as the National Blues Museum, members of the press, and families gave a grand farewell to ten of the best and brightest students from Saint Louis.