Sid Bernstein Passes Away

2018 728×90 Allchin

Sid_bernsteinSid Bernstein, the man who is credited with bringing The Rolling Stones to America and quite possibly the entire British invasion has passed away.  Bernstein had just celebrated his 95th birthday. Bernstein changed the American music scene in the 60’s and he did much to help desegregate the music industry.  A one-time agent, he  started his career representing Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Muddy Waters and Miles Davis.

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A quote from the movie Sid Bernstein Presents:

“My secret to success is that I’ve always loved good music and people,” summarizes Sid. “The players in the promotion business today are, by and large, not in it for the art anymore. It’s all about how many bucks can you make on a concert. That’s permissible. I mean we are in a capitalistic society. But I feel a lot of the art thing is lost. It shouldn’t just be about money. It should be about loving what you do.”

Sid Bernstein was 95.