Theessink & Evans Deliver on "True & Blue Live"

Best of all, these performances make us smile those wonderful wide and quiet smiles we save for ourselves.

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American Blues Scene was privileged to review 2012’s Hans Theessink & Terry Evans album, Delta Time, and our team enjoyed this pair’s work immensely. The laid back and easy style suits their performances well. The music has a very intimate feel, making it all the more potent, and pleasant to listeners.

Naturally, when the duo’s new release landed on our doorstep, we were pretty excited. Upon further examination we were elated to see that it was a live release. Well now, call us silly, but we get excited when things like this happen to us. So, with great anticipation, we settled in for a listen. True & Blue Live contains 14 tracks, with a running time of just under 70 minutes. On this particular outing, all this wonderful music is performed by Theessink on vocals, guitars, and harp, and Evans on vocals and guitar. The recording is well done, the mix is clear, and the sound is crisp, giving the vocal harmonies a taunt, comforting feel. Instruments float, sway, tease, and dance as they serenade us with their song.

The performances here are particularly captivating. Stellar moments on this celebration are the gentle steady beat of “Demons,” the lively “Bourgeois Blues,” a glorious rendition of “Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You,” and the feisty “Talk To Your Daughter.” “Shelter From the Storm” is delivered in such a relaxed manner that it begs our attention and for a moment, we forget where we are.

“I Need Money” is an anthem of the poor, and the disappearing middle class, if there ever was one. What makes this song great is that everyone can relate to at least one thing that being sung about, and the humor in these situations is shared between the artists and the audience. “Tears Are Rolling” showcases picking and vocals that weave in and out of one another and serve to lift our spirits up immediately.

The beauty of True & Blue Live is that as we listen, we feel as though we are in a hip, cool church, engaged and relaxed as we lean back and close our eyes, taking it all in. At times the music here is delicate, but not so much so as to be wimpy, and at other moments, it is rousing, stirring our very soul. Best of all, these performances make us smile those wonderful wide and quiet smiles we save for ourselves.

Bring True & Blue Live home and enjoy these intimate performances that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your soul.

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans


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