Anthony Moser’s New EP ‘In The Mean Time’ Looks Around Us

His new EP, 'In the Mean Time,' consists of three songs and runs a hair over nine minutes.

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Anthony Moser is blessed in so many ways. He loves blues, and he lives in Chicago. He also works in Chicago at Buddy Guy’s Legends, one of the premiere blues venues in the known universe. He has been witness to some of the greatest musical performers of our age, and the newest generation of talent coming up behind them.

Moser is also fortunate to be able to write and perform music including blues, swing, and more. He also writes brilliant and pointed social commentary songs in the spirit of Arlo Guthrie that examine and comment on the world in which we live these days.

His new EP, In the Mean Time, consists of three songs and runs a hair over nine minutes. Moser himself notes,

“It’s called ‘In The Mean Time’ because I’m still working on another album, ‘The Casual Fact,’ as I have been for the last 5 years. It’s almost done.”

It’s not blues per se, perhaps more on the order of roots or Americana.

You can listen here, through SoundCloud, on iTunes or Apple Music. You can download it through BandCamp. It’s also available on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

Anthony Moser



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