American Blues Scene nabs #2 spot on IndieGoGo music

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Ana Popovic CoverAmerican Blues Scene is proudly sitting in the number 2 spot on the much-coveted front page of music campaigns at IndieGoGo. How did we get there? Diehard blues fans (and relentless promotion)…that’s our secret!

This is your chance to be a part of making an incredible blues magazine… and get some great exclusive blues merch for the help! We’re extremely proud to finally be publicly announcing a blues magazine that’s been nearly a year in planning!

Not only are we extending our blues music news to a high quality, visually rich print format, but we’re also doing our part to help add value to the places you can hear live blues… by giving it away at live blues events! No subscriptions, just gripping blues music news while you get to listen to exhilarating blues musicians!

The entire magazine is in full color, glossy paper, with bright and vivid ink, dramatic stage photographs, and a number of captivating featured articles from some of the best writers in the blues! American Blues Scene is already widely accepted as the leader in blues music news in the digital format, and we’re looking forward to continuing our mission of spreading this great music throughout the world.

American Blues Scene Magazine on IndieGoGo

Our finger is firmly placed on the pulse of the blues! Not only do we release the very best in entertaining blues music news nearly each and every day, but our entire staff attends and covers dozens of blues festivals & live blues events every year, as well as every major Blues Foundation event, including the IBC and BMAs! We have great relationships with artists and labels that keeps our content fresh and exciting — with a strong eye towards it’s rich history, and the many blues men and women that built the music in the first place. We may well be one of the only companies in the world with a considerable budget just to go see live blues!!

We have assembled the largest blues music news social media fanbase on the planet. Fortunately, these are not just impressive numbers to look at: The American Blues Scene has grown 100% organically. Every fan is a fan because they love the blues, and want to know more about this amazing genre. We know this because we have over 26,000 active fans on Facebook, and we hear from them almost daily.

Simply put, with your help, we’ll be creating American Blues Scene Magazine in the print format in our continued mission to do our part to preserve and enrich this vital piece of music history! We believe that not only is blues music literally the foundation for nearly all good music, but that the blues is still EXCITING, and there’s no shortage of great stories to get excited about!